Plant Stand

Several months back I watched a garden show that Joe had downloaded for me. They made this wonderful fountain with garden tiles that got me thinking. We really don’t want a water feature in our small garden but I did have an asparagus fern that has grown out of control and was dragging on the ground.

So voilà !

San Clemente 2.22.2013 001

These are floor tiles left over from the renovation of our bathroom.

San Clemente 2.22.2013 002


8 thoughts on “Plant Stand

    • Tim, if you really want to know the truth they were taking up way to much room in my small storage room!! SO stick them out in the yard like a piece of art ha ha well maybe not art but surely they serve a better purpose out in the yard. Nancy

  1. Very creative! Nancy I was at my local farmers market a week ago and they had a new vendor, he was selling “soap nuts” I was not sold on the idea so I came home and did a little detective work on the internet, well I was impressed and immediately thought of you because of the delicate issue with your water. I am going tomorrow and will buy a small bag and try it out, look it up soap nuts very interesting, I personally had never heard of them. Love and Miss You. A.

    • Hey Ana, thanks just trying to clean up my storage room. I have never heard of soap nuts, I looked it up and it seems like a great idea, have never seen them here but if I do I will pick them up. Thanks, Nancy

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