Homemade Hot Pepper Flakes

Both Joe and I just love adding hot pepper flakes to our food. I buy it in a huge 12 oz container but go through it so fast that I decided to make my own. First I must give credit to John MacDonald who did this with his own hot peppers and gave me the idea to make my own, thanks J0hn!

The young man who delivers fresh fruits and veggies to our gate had these beautiful yellow hot peppers a few days ago.

San Clemente 2.10.2013 001

After washing them and removing the stems, I used the scissors to cut them up into smaller pieces. Don’t allow your fingers to touch these because it is very painful, I use plastic gloves or plastic baggies to keep my hands safe.

I put these on pizza trays and then into a preheated 275- 300 degree F oven for about 1 hour. Every 10 minutes I would toss them and move the pans around.

San Clemente 2.10.2013 003

The jar on the left is red pepper flakes I made about a month ago, the jar on the right is todays’ batch of yellow pepper flakes.

San Clemente 2.10.2013a 002

Yummy! And as Jacques Pepin would say, FLAKE!

16 thoughts on “Homemade Hot Pepper Flakes

    • Hey Tom. I put them in my handy dandy electric chopper and beat them into submission ha ha the seeds are the best part except I do not really like the seeds whole too hard on the old teeth, this way they get a bit chopped up as well..N

  1. Nan, you are amazing…you always manage to come up with awesome ideas and recipes! I’m thinking Roy @ I might starve when we make our move….I really don’t like to cook!

    Love your posts…you are about the real life there, very much appreciated!

    • Hey Liz, well if you don’t like cooking you need to get Roy interested in becoming the next Jacques Pepin because unless you live in a bigger city like Cuenca you will need to make many of your meals from scratch. I became pretty bored pretty fast with the local restaurants in Puerto Lopez, Playas and even here because they all make the same food, no variations or very few variations. If you want BBQ you cannot just go to the local restaurant and order BBQ, or a sandwich or a nice thick juicy steak…your choices are limited so you turn to cooking stuff from scratch from local ingredients…we will need to do cooking classes on the beach for folks that have not cooked from scratch before, what fun!!! Nancy

    • Karen, It is called aji but they make it with fresh peppers. I used fresh peppers, fresh celantro, white vinegar and salt & pepper. I guess you could add the dry peppers and really spice it up. That would pack a big punch for sure.N

  2. Ah, common’ Nancy – get tough and just slice them up by hand! I always do, but I have had a few bad experiences touching my eyes or scratching itches before washing up (even after washing up for a while).

    I like the little yellow aji, but I ususally mix in a few habaneros too for added flavor. In the US I had a dehydrator, but here I have used the microwave to dry the peppers with success. The problem is not doing them too long and cooking them as opposed to just drying them. Yours look great!

    • Hi John and Mary, Now John I am nowhere near as tough as you are so just forget about me not using gloves…I cut the red ones up one day without using gloves and thought I was going to die. For two days my left hand was on fire, it would not stop burning no matter what I used. I tried soaking it in milk, covering it with baking soda and just running it under cold water and washing it many many times. These peppers are hot and the burn goes on for days…the right hand was not bad at all and that was becuase I was holding the knife in that hand that is the only thing that allowed me to get my contact lens out that night…never again will I attempt to work with peppers without gloves or a plastic baggie on my hands…maybe two plastic baggies

      I used the red peppers last night in an Asian inspired dish with pork, it was pretty darn spicy…love it. Thanks again for the idea of drying them for flakes, it is a great idea and a real money saver. Thanks, Nancy

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