The Beach, Carnaval Style

I decided to stroll down to the beach Sunday because so many people were walking by the house. I needed to see where all these folks were going.

San Clemente 2.10.2013 016

Our beach is normally empty except for a few fishermen or some kids surfing. Sunday there were sleeping tents, chairs and many folks in the water.

San Clemente 2.10.2013 025 San Clemente 2.10.2013 024 San Clemente 2.10.2013 023

Now the next picture is up by Meiers Bar and Restaurant.

San Clemente 2.10.2013 020

Looks like one heck of a party going on up there. I must tell you this was the best carnaval we have ever been through. Some music, many people but nothing to compare to Dolega in Panama or Salinas and Playas in Ecuador. It was a relaxing beautiful experience –  let’s do it again! It seemed to be more family oriented and not party animals and was a pleasure to witness.

So this morning Wednesday, Ash Wednesday to be exact, let’s take a look at the beach just to compare.

San Clemente 2.13.2013 005 San Clemente 2.13.2013 004 San Clemente 2.13.2013 003 San Clemente 2.13.2013 002 San Clemente 2.13.2013 001

The first thing I noticed was no people, the second was not a great deal of garbage. I like these people because they treated our beach like it was their home.

Ahhhhhhhhhh, back to normal. Just the way we like it.