Additional Information on Beach Highway Plans

A reader Robert Lamontagne and I have corresponded off-blog about the beach highway situation that I have discussed many times in the past month.

Yesterday he gave me some more information he received from Gary Scott about the proposed plans.

Below is an email received by Rob from Gary Scott. I have been given permission by Mr. Scott to post it and have done so in its intirity below:

—Original Message—–
From: gary scott []
Sent: February-09-13 6:38 PM
To: J Robert Lamontagne
Subject: Re: [New post] Latest information on Beach Highway

Latest received”

“At a meeting, we talked with the Mayor of Bahia de Caraquez which 
was at a meeting with the Ministerio de Transporte y Obras Publicas 
(MTOP) in charge of the construction of the Manta Bahia highway and 
he has said that many people from the San Clemente area went to a 
meeting pleading that the project of the segment (San 
Clemente-Bahia) and have transmitted their opinion on the impact of 
the highway. So Dr. Carlos Mendoza (mayor of canton
 Sucre-Bahia) says that he has been told that the highway will not be 
done in the segment San Clemente/Bahia. The segment Manta /San 
Clemente will be done, not bothering the beachfront properties. I 
was told by a reporter (that interviewed the Undersecretary of the 
MTOP) that the requests for proposals for construction companies 
should begin in April. So that segment will be a reality making the 
trip San Clemente -Manta’s airport in about 20 minutes and Bahia -Manta
45-50 minutes (from what now is 1 hour and a half).
I want to thank Rob Lamontagne for sharing this email with me and Gary Scott for allowing me to repost to this blog.


17 thoughts on “Additional Information on Beach Highway Plans

    • John and Mary, it looks like the folks that have been going to these meetings have made their view point known…if Gary Scott is correct we will not see a highway/road whatever on the beach here in San Clemente. Now lets just wait and see what happens, N

  1. Hi my dear friend, I just recuperated my internet service after almost two months without it.This is new to me about that highway. Was your house in danger? I hope not… I’m so glad to have heard from you. You look great, I’m happy for both of you. Blessings and keep in touch……

    • My lovely friend Olga, Hola….How are you and how could you be without internet for two months? We are well and how are you doing? Our house is three houses from the water, if the road were put in it would make our beach ugly and not easy to get to the water. Please email me and let me know all that is going on with you. Nancy

    • Z, all I can say is we have to wait until the fat lady sings…people will tell you anything but the reality we must wait to see what happen. My friend Ave has a petition that she is having all the folks in town sign, she will be bringing it by one day for Joe and I to sign…I hope to get a copy and put it in the blog. N

  2. Just read your entire blog today!!! Wow, what a wonderful life you have. I am trying to convince my hubby to move there, we live in California and I would love a quiet life, a “REAL” life, he is not yet convinced…I am working on it. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

    • Brigitte, thanks so much for reading the entire blog, my word it is over 400 posts you must be exhausted…

      Well we like our little life and hope that you can find your dream as well. Don’t push hubby to hard, maybe get him to read a little of several blogs, around the areas that you are interested in moving to…or print several articles that you like and leave them around where he can read them, bring up the idea of moving but don’t push,,,because if he does not want to move here and you make him it could be bad for both of you. It took us (Joe and I) a great deal of time to decide we wanted to move away from everything we knew, get rid of 30 odd years of our STUFF and move to a developing country…our first move was to Panama we loved it but after 3 1/2 years there we moved to Ecuador…this is finally home, we will be buried in the San Clemente cemetery we are so sure that we found our final earthly destination. Write me any time because I know just how hard it is to make the decision and move…I wish you luck and hope to see you and your hubby sitting on our beach one day sipping a “big beer” 22 oz Pilsener. Blessings, N

  3. That sounds so wonderful Nancy! We won’t be ready for another 10 years (about the time real estate is outrageously expensive is our luck LOL) so that will give us lots of time to research…hope you don’t mind me asking you a few questions…Is it difficult or expensive to get packages from the US? I mean, if you ordered things on Amazon…would it be possible (I noticed you had quite a bit and then subscribed to something. Not sure what that was.) to get delivery? I have lived 1/3 of my life in Europe and it was easy to just order and get them there…looks a little bit harder in Ecuador. What if you have an out of the ordinary prescription for something?my email marmbee at g mail if you prefer answering privately.
    P.S. You should consider writing a book! AND your recipes look delish. The native dishes are very interesting. It is much healthier to eat whole foods to be sure…something we have changed to in the last 6 years.

    • Brigitte, so sorry it has taken me so long to answer your comment and questions. Busy this week just catching my breath today. On shipping items from the US. There are currently two services, one is the EC post office and it is called Club Corria, the second is with Servientrega..we have not used either at this point. If you go onto Facebook there is an Ecuador Expat group that probably has used these services. I would pose that question on that forum and see what you get. Here the pharmacies give you whatever you need over the counter except for controlled substances. Be sure if you are going to take medications back from Ecuador that you get a doctor to write you a prescription for it (that can be done at any clinic and you should not get charged to see a doctor just pay for medications) or it could be confiscated entering another country. You can write me off blog whenever you like at Thanks for writing, be well, Nancy

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