Shopping from a Pickup Truck

We are getting very close to carnaval time here in San Clemente. As with any holiday more vendors are traveling around our neighborhood. This morning a woman and man team were driving by with beautiful fabrics hanging from all sides of his truck. I could not resist, when they stopped, to see what they were selling. Beautiful duvets not the most current of styles but still very nice. Also curtains and tablecloths.

San Clemente 2.6.2013 001 San Clemente 2.6.2013 002

I purchased these two for $35. I probably could have gotten them for less but I do not like haggling to get a better price, they did not look like they were rolling in the dough and we could afford the little splurge.

They fit my alpaca blankets perfectly and actually look very nice.


10 thoughts on “Shopping from a Pickup Truck

  1. They are lovely! I am surprised you need blankets in that part of the world. I wasn’t planning on bringing anything “warm” when we come.

    • Linda, it gets a little damp early in the morning now that we are having rain…I almost always cover up with a sheet during the night but will remove it at least once during the night and then cover up early in the morning with the blanket as well as the sheet. Joe uses nothing…so it depends upon the person. N

    • Hi Z, These alpaca blankets I bought in Quito are wonderful, light in weight but warm as a down comforter. Putting in this cover makes it even nicer. N

  2. Why we are not rich instead of beautiful….because we do not haggle…because we look at others and think they need it more than us. Need I say more. Sounds like we are alike. Beautiful choice.

    • Hi Janet, you are too cute…I guess it makes us happy to give a little of what we have to someone who looks to need it more. I really don’t think this pair had a Porsche sitting in their drive ha ha

      Have a wonderful weekend, Nancy

  3. Don’t they sell fresh eggs and poultry from trucks there? They do in some places in Venezuela and at the country side in Puerto Rico, Colombia,etc., etc. You still are going to learn a lot about our Latin America’s culture. Maybe I can get some books in English about the discovery so you can learn history. But on the other hand you would miss everything that you are finding out by yourself. I only recommend that you should be learning the language Spanish while you are living there. You sure would enjoy much more.

    • Olga, We get most of what we eat from vendors that pass by our gate each week. We get fresh eggs 30 for less than $4, fresh jumbo shrimp, lobster, fish, pork, beef all different sorts of veggies and fruits as well as fresh milk, fresh queso fresco, peanut butter, sausages, fresh butter, the Pilsner (beer) truck passes at least once a week, the soda truck does the same, Supan, we also have Don Diego that sells processed meats and cheeses come by. A few guys drive around each day delivering 5 gal containers of drinking water for $1 and at least three gas truck drive by with large cans of kitchen gas for $2.50. A pickup that sells toilet paper, ceramic plates, cups, brooms, mops, plastics of all kinds. And during holidays folks that sell mattresses, furniture, towels, sheets, bed covers…it is just amazing. We love it!

      Our Spanish is very weak, we try but it seems that it goes in one ear and out the other, we speak enough to communicate with our neighbors in the basics of life, but not enough to talk to a repairman about an issues. We hope it gets better just by hearing others speak and reading the Spanish news. One can only hope. Be well my friend, Nancy

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