Water Pump (bomba)

One of the first things that we replaced in our house was the bomba. What came with the house was a concrete tank that was standing high above our cistern. It leaked, had pieces of concrete falling off it so Patricia and Fredy put in an electric pump system. Well actually Serrano put in the system, Patricia and Fredy purchased it.

They installed it in a small closet that they built on top of the cistern. It has worked perfectly since moving into the house. But…it does depend upon having electricity. For the past several days we have lost power every morning around 4am and it is not restored until mid morning. We can use the water but you should not use a great deal. For the past several days I have noticed that the pump would pump water for just a few seconds and then shut off, a few seconds later it would start up again. I know that that is not good. So I put a call into Patricia and later in the afternoon yesterday Serrano showed up to take care of the situation.

San Clemente 1.8.2013 006

He did something to turn off the pump under the grey cap on the top right hand side of the unit then he drained the tank by turning on our garden hose and pumped the water back into the cistern. Then he opened the valve at the bottom of the tank and attached a PVC pipe and drained the balance. I was just amazed at how much water was in that tank.

He closed everything back up and restarted the pump. It refilled and has been working properly since.

Obviously this is something that happens with an electric pump and having someone who knows how to handle this problem is invaluable. Thanks again Serrano, fine job!

10 thoughts on “Water Pump (bomba)

  1. It is good to have water! It seems here we lose water much more frequently than electricity and if I had to choose, this is OK. We have extra water on hand, but we depend on electricity for quite a lot. Hopefully yours doesn’t stay off for very long.

    • Hi Kris, with the start of the rainy season (our summer) we loose power often. This week already we have had no power three days, one day for a few hours the other 6 to 8 hours. It a time to slow down, sit and listen to the ocean and the birds, have a quiet conversation with no music etc. Kind of nice some days. Have a great day, Nancy

  2. Your tank had waterlogged. What this means that the cushion of air on top of the water in the pressure tank had been depleted. This will happen again over time and Serrano will then need to repeat his process of draining and refilling the tank. Some tanks have a small air valve (similar to a car or bike tire) where air can be added using a compressor or other air pump from time to time, thus preventing water logging. Some tanks also have a membrane that separates the air and water, but it appears from your photo, that your model does not. If you want to know more, email me direct and I’ll dig up an old paper that I once wrote on the water logging phenom. Note:

    • Terry, thanks for in the info. I will eamil you because I would like to know more about this..although I will probably always call Seranno to fix it, it’s good to know how to do it ourselves if need be. Thanks so much for your comment. Nancy

    • I did get additional information from one of our readers on water pumps, after I have a chance to read it I will add it to my original article, with his permission, it may have more information that we need. Thanks for your comment, be well, Nancy

  3. Hi my wife an I have a house in villa generalmil playas we love it there we live in Loxahatchee fl. And some of the nices people live in ecuador , you did a article on Gloria’s hardware her husband Flavio has help us out so much it’s hard to believe . Another person to look up is a restaurant is Juan Oystra what a meal & a chef we are going over in feb for 3 weeks & I can’t wait to get my yearly FIX of ecuador…..

    • Hi Adam j. We find that exact thing, good people. I miss seeing Flavio and Gloria next time you see them tell him I said hello. Next door to their store is a plastic bag store, the young women who runs it is Lebanese and speaks wonderful English that is how I communicated most of the time with Gloria. Her one brother owns the liquor store across from Tia and her other brother Jose owns a restaraunt near the Childrens Parke and her mother Mary owns a restaurant across the street from Jose. Have you met Arthur, he is an expat living there and also Roger who owns a hostel…if not I can give you there emails just to have other Norte Americano’s to visit with.

      I myself do not care for those big oysters, I love the little one and of course lobster, stone crab claws (that you can get at the mercado) and as much shrimp as I can eat…but we are blessed here to have most of this and our neighbors are fishermen so we get many gifts of seafood…what a place…be blessed on your visit. Nancy

  4. May be you have this info.by now but the outlet line from the pump should go right to the bottom of the tank–so the fresh water does not enter the top of the tank(running on line its called) the only water to enter the tank is then the make up water from the bottom–the new tanks have a balder separating the air from the water–if you keep putting fresh water in the top it absorbed the air faster and the air volume control cant keep up–also I think the 1/4 in. copper line is in the wrong location–it should be up by the pump so when the pump starts a negative pressuer sucks some air in and when the pressure builds injects it into the tank-now I have never seen a air volume control as the one pictured so I could be wrong. The new tanks with the balder are pre charged about 20 lbs and a 2 gal. tank is all that is needed for a house–I am from Saskatchewan, in south Mexico for the winter(28 years) and I was hoaping to get down your way this year but I don’t think I will make it but realty enjoy your blog

    • Hi David, thanks for the pump information, but I must tell you I know nothing about pumps so what you said to me was like trying to read it in Spanish — I will ask Patricia to read it and see if we need to make some adjustments to how it was installed. Thanks so much for the info…let us know if you make it to Ecuador we would love to visit with you if you are coming through San Clemente. Nancy & Joe

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