Photo Recap for 2012

This has been a very interesting year – many wonderful things, a few extremely sad things. We look forward to a peaceful 2013. Today’s post is a recap in pictures of some of this past year. I hope you enjoy this look back: playas-9-29-2011-017 Playas 4.20.2012 002 Playas 3.27.2012 065 Playas 3.27.2012 020 Playas 3.23.2012 011 Playas 3.23.2012 009 Playas 3.21.2011 009 Playas 3.21.2012 001 Playas 3.18.2012 010 Playas 3.18.2012 005 Playas 3.14.2012 007 Playas 3.10.2012 028 Down the Coast 10.23.2012 047 Down the Coast 10.23.2012 025 Down the Coast 10.23.2012 024 Down the Coast 10.23.2012 014 Charapoto 10.5.2012 017 San Clemente 12.10.2012 004 San Clemente 11.28.2012 053 San Clemente 11.28.2012 006 San Clemente 11.25.2012 007 Thanksgiving 2012 022 San Clemente 11.21.2012 002 San Clemente 11.17.2012 018 San Clemente 10.28.2012 006 San Clemente 10.17.2012 002 San Clemente 10.26.2012 003 San Clemente 10.23.2012 001 San Clemente 10.3.2012 058 San Clemente 10.3.2012 020 San Clemente 9.24.2012 007 San Clemente 9.12.2012 031 San Clemente 9.12.2012 033 San Clemente Parade 9.7.2012 040 San Clemente Parade 9.7.2012 159 San Clemente 9.1.2012 010 San Clemente 8.26.2012 036 San Clemente 8.2.2012 002 San Clemente 9.12.2012 025

San Clemente 12.14.2012 002

Playas 6.25.2012 002

Playas 3.10.2012 031

Thanksgiving 2012 023

San Clemente 12.25.2012 017

San Clemente 12.31.2012 017

A special remembrance for the loss of our mother, Mary Ann Kowalczyk, in September. She is sorely missed by all! Trip to the States_10

8 thoughts on “Photo Recap for 2012

    • Thanks, so happy you are in Puerto Cayo, we have friends living here in San Jacinto who own a lot on the beach there. Enjoy your adventure. Nancy

  1. what a great collection of memories! it was a joy to stroll down your memory lane!
    i’ve been to a meeting and now have to goat proof a section of the fence. my horned ‘friends’ raided the garden a few days ago. grrrrrrrrrrrr! z

    • Z, well that will show you for leaving your house for a few hours ha ha Exactly how do you goat proof a fense??? We all want to know, Nancy

  2. Hello from a new subscriber in Cuenca, Ecuador! I am thrilled to have found your blog today! My husband Bill and I have begun to plan a trip to the EC coast, with the objective of finding a wonderful, secure slip for our Catalina Morgan 440 sailboat. We will return to the boat, which is currently docked in La Paz, Mexico, in mid March and plan to sail her to Ecuador, arriving mid June. Any chance we can communicate directly via email? It would be wonderful to circle up with you as part of our EC coast/marina tour. Also…do you ever get up to Cuenca?

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