Gifts from Janice and Mary Hand-delivered by Libby

While our friend Libby was planning her move to San Clemente, I begged her to find a few inches of space in her or David’s luggage for a bag of goodies from my sister Janice and our friend Mary who live in the Atlanta area. She said she would be happy to bring this to me here and even dropped over to pick up the items from Janice.  Yesterday while visiting with Libby and David, besides being surprised with that great bottle of Williamson BBQ Sauce, she handed me a bag full of beauty supplies. What I asked of Janice and Mary was just any samples that you have from the good cosmetic companies would be so appreciated, things you will not use, colors you don’t like, whatever as I have been unable to find good cosmetics here on the coast. And voilà!

San Clemente 12.10.2012 017

My goodie bag included so many wonderful perfume samples, eye shadows, face creams, eye creams and so many samples I will not need to buy anything for most of next year. Thank you does not cover my feelings for these women for doing this for me.

I will think of you Janice, Mary and Libby every time I use any of these products.

12 thoughts on “Gifts from Janice and Mary Hand-delivered by Libby

  1. Oh, Nancy it seems Christmas has already arrived. What lovely friends you have to be so giving. What a nice time of the year for us all! Hope you and Joe have a very “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”.

    • Deb you should be jealous, this is some very serious stuff. I loved to go to buy my face creams when Esty Lauder was having one of their promotions. You got a beautiful gift bag with a nice lipstick, some eye creams, a eye pencil and a few other things. That is something that I miss so much here. So thanks to my sister Janice our friend Mary and Libby I have a bunch of great stuff to last me through the next year…and it is really fine stuff…be well, Nancy

    • Hi Liz, you are right I would take Esty Lauder any day but to get Dior,,,,wow I think I am in heaven. It is really great stuff and some of the scents are out of this world lovely!!! great gift, just the best! Nancy

  2. Ah! my dear sweet niece always cleans out her make-up supply and brings me great surprises. she is a pharmacist, and her father has a ‘drug store’ as well. they always have great samples! she and her mother (my sister) also send their leftover lipsticks, – sort of a weird thing to request, but i find that the brand new ones break easily in the warm climate.

    i am so glad that your christmas came early! lucky you!


    • Z, most folks would not think to ask for someone elses unused samples…for me this is a great treat. To have perfumes by all of these famous folks with the latest scents is wonderful. I do feel like a princess each evening as I apply some of Dior’s face cream. I just love this stuff… n

      • Looks like I will have to surprise you with a few treats the next time I head your way. Lets see I will have to start making a basket just for you and Joe! I Miss you guys so much even though I only knew you for such a short time. Looking forward to returning next year. Happy Holidays!

        • Karen, it is so much easier to make friends here. It seems that folks back in the states are always rushing, now that we are settled we have more time for friends…more time for ourselves and just more enjoyable time…I would love a basket of goodies, anything you can put together would be wonderful and I can wait as long as it takes for you and Michael to come back to Jacinto or Clemente. Be well my friend. Nancy

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