Christmas in San Clemente

This will be our first Christmas in San Clemente and we will be looking for some different decorations and ways that the locals celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. While walking around town over the past several weeks we noticed that a crèche was being constructed. This one is a bit different and had the start of waterways which I have never seen used in a nativity set before. But I guess this being a community built on the water, with fishing as it main industry waterways were a logical choice.  Over the weekend things were being added lights, a full set of animals and even a very sparkly back drop.

San Clemente 12.10.2012 001

I am sure it will look much better at night all lit up but this was a very creative setting. Our amigo Fredy told us the town Christmas tree will be up on the 15th.  

San Clemente 12.10.2012 002

6 thoughts on “Christmas in San Clemente

    • Hi Jeanne, We visited San Clemente back in May, found a small house, closed on it on June 29 and moved here on the same day. We are loving it here, are working on our little beach hut with a bunch of renovations and working on the yard and fruit trees. We are settled and are making this our permament residence. You will need to go back on my posts to see what the house looked like when we purchased it, the renovation process and I will do a post with up to date pictures in the near future…it made a big difference…thanks for reading and commenting. best regards, Nancy & Joe

  1. I am so excited to see the entire picture of your nativity scene. I am enjoying reading your post and looking forward to each and every blog. Once I get settled I will e-mail you. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

    • Hey Karen, so how is the “convincing Michael” work coming? Ha ha…he will want to move in his time, just give him some time. I will tell you he will miss so many things about Ecuador he will come to you saying, “Pack you crap we are moving to EC”.

      So happy you liked the photo, I hope to go into town this weekend in the evening with Joe and take some photos with all the lights on and maybe even the Christmas tree up…and hope to pick up one of those great roasted chickens, always looking for an opportunity to NOT COOK! Be well, Nancy & Joe

    • Hi Pat, It is so sweet to hear such high praise. Having my posts be taken as just how our life is here in San Clemente is probably the best comment I could get. I have read other blogs where I feel like I am back in school, with a professor dictating a bunch of hogwash to me, that would not be my aim, so I write like I talk and am so happy that folks get it and me!!! Blessings have a wonderful day. We are going to go into San Jacinto today to have lunch at Copacabana and get some cash for my new bike…Santa needs cash this year ha ha Nancy

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