They’re Here!

Several months back we met Libby Rush who was visiting San Clemente from the Atlanta area. Her visit was marred by some unfortunate occurrences but she loved it here and decided that she was moving period end of story. She went back to her home in Marietta, got all in order, put her property on the market for rent and even got her son to decide to move here.

San Clemente 12.10.2012 004

This week Libby and David moved into a hostel right on the beach in San Clemente. Check out this view from their rooms!

San Clemente 12.10.2012 003

And they are so centrally located near to all the downtown businesses. While Joe and David became acquainted Libby and I took a walk around town. She met Pinocho who has the fresh shrimp, Lorraina who runs the pharmacy, ran into John McDonald who was tooling around town on his daily rounds. Met Angel the veggie man and Jesus who runs the panaderia. She was able to find someone to do her laundry, talked to a few locals about fishing for David and generally just getting to know her way around our cute little town.

I know that both Libby and David will enjoy their new life in this lovely community.

And because Joe and I moved from the same area they hail from Libby surprised us with a bottle of Williamson Bar B Q sauce one of the things Joe and I miss most about Atlanta except for our family Janice and Peter who live there, that is. They also brought some things from my sister Janice, but that is going to be a separate post.

San Clemente 12.10.2012 012



4 thoughts on “They’re Here!

    • Deb, we just love Williamson BBQ, we would go there at least once a week when we lived in Atlanta. I could drink the sauce straight it was so good. ha ha Wait until I post the pictures of the goodies my sister Janice had Libby bring for me you will be green with envy. We can not get beauty products like Esty Lauder here so I had Janice and our friend Mary pack up all their unused samples and send them along with Libby and David. It is a treasure trove of great products…I am so excited. Have a great day, Nancy

  1. Hi Nancy! Fell upon your blog the other day and have really enjoyed reading about such a variety of topics! Lots of interesting information. We are planning a trip to the coast pretty soon and thought San Clemente should be on the top of our list. Do you have any idea of the cost of hostels there? I see Libby and David in the hostel photo, but don’t see the name of it anywhere. Thanks! Barbara

    • Hi Barbara, thanks for reading about our little life here in Ecuador and thanks for your comment. When we came here in May to visit the area we stayed in San Jacinto Hotel for the first 7 days, cost I believe was around $25-30 per day for a double room facing the pool and ocean, it was clean, beautiful, well maintained and they have a restaurant that is open all day so you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner there. It is within a few blocks of downtown Jacinto and was very nice and relaxing. A short bus ride (the bus passes the hotel every 20-30 minutes and for .25 cents you can be dropped off in San Clemente. Clemente has several hostals we stayed at Casa Real it was not clean, you needed to bring your towels down to the lobby to get clean ones and they never changed the sheets or even swept the room the eitire week we were there, on the good side, they did have a kitchen, refrig and washers so you could run a load of laundry using their supplies. Cost about $17 for a double, no restaurant and you could not see the beach from the rooms but it was a short walk I mean just steps from the hotel..hotel located one block from town. There are several hostels in the area, I suggest you go on line to see if anyone has a website. I have sent an email to Libby asking for the info on her place, as soon as I have it I will forward to you. thanks, Nancy

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