Brenda and Terry

Due to not having internet since last Friday I am very behind in my posts, these are some of the irritations that we need to deal with. We are trying to “walk in love” but some days the poop is higher than my sandal straps, ha ha

Starting this blog has been a wonderful way to meet new folks from all over the world. Different cultures, different lifestyles and then some folks that when you meet you just feel like you have known them forever.

Brenda and Terry are two of the latter, old souls, folks that we should have met in grade school and remained friends with all this time. The truth is this lovely couple has followed our blog and are in Ecuador looking to see if this lifestyle suits them.  Brenda was so sweet and asked if there is anything that she could bring me when they came to visit.  I don’t have a huge list but I do like certain herbs and spices and a few supplements that Joe could use that are just not available here. Well Brenda took my wish list to heart and brought a backpack filled with wonderful items. It was like Christmas looking through the treasure trove of goodies. I cannot thank them enough for carting these items half-way around the world for us.

They were so kind and even brought us a package of smoked salmon, a beautiful bottle of “real” maple syrup and several other treats that we will savor when the time is right. They have been visiting in Manta and have found a wonderful group of Expats that have taken them under their wing, showing them a great time and getting them accustomed to the Manta lifestyle. The way it looks we will soon be calling Brenda and Terry neighbors because their experience in Manta has been great. I can see these folks enjoying the Ecuadorian beaches full-time in the very near future.

Best of luck on the balance of your visit, please keep in touch and let us know your feelings on your visit and if Ecuador will be your future home!  Maybe one of you would like to be a guest blogger and share your views on your travels with the rest of our readers.

4 thoughts on “Brenda and Terry

    • Hi Brenda, it was our pleasure to meet you both. I am sorry your visit was so short but I know just how much ground you wanted to cover and sitting gabbing all day does not allow for much sightseeing and researching..I do feel like we have known each other for a very long time and I truly hope we get to see you back in Ecuador very soon. blessings, Nancy & Joe

  1. That was so sweet of them to bring you some herb and spice. I am enjoying the post, because everyday I find a reason for going to San Clemente. Can’t wait for April to get here!!

    • Susan, I know I have some of the sweetest followers in the whole world, when they read that I am having an issue finding one thing or the other when they come to visit so many folks have brought me dried herbs, spices, I even had folks bring me a jar of fresh horseradish. The kindness of strangers is amazing and I will gladly share any of my “treasures” if you come to live here. Please let us know when you will be in our area in April so we are sure to be around to sit and visit. Blessings, Nancy

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