Skydiving for Fish

What a spectacular day on Thursday of last week when Joe and I went to sit out on the sand. When we got to the beach the fishermen had just finished pulling in their nets. The birds were going wild, swooping and dipping to get a fish.

The pelicans were sitting patiently for any bits of fish to come their way but the frigate birds were almost in a frenzy wanting their share.  The dog in the video was also waiting his turn for a fresh morsel.

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9 thoughts on “Skydiving for Fish

    • Hey Tom. Your right these birds are pretty darn big, but he was looking for his share of the scraps and did get a few. So now you know feeding sushi or sashimi to your dog is a good thing. N

  1. One never tires of watching those magnificent birds! I love the birds’ shadows in the video! They were flying right over your heads!
    It’s great to see that most of your hard work is behind you, and you can kick back and enjoy the day!

    • Z, loving it…but still have so much to do in the garden..and then comes the cupboards, shelves etc..but not now. Maybe in six months I will be ready to think about those items. But Joe spoke to Fredy yesterday about putting a drop ceiling of split bamboo in the entire house….NO MORE DIRT AND DUST FOR A WHILE PLEASE!!!!! Do you hear me crying…just a few months dust free after Christmas maybe I would consider but….

      • ja! i know exactly what you mean! a tiny project here at the house has me ready for a dust-free house! they still have to make the cabinet doors, and i thought, ‘úgh. more dust….’
        we have moved boxes around so many times, that i may never find everything again. someone will ask for something, and i smile and say, ‘i know where it was before this project started!’
        it will be like christmas when those elusive ‘objects’ reappear! (like my pencil sharpener!(


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