This article actually goes with yesterdays on washing your fruits and vegetables. Not everywhere you eat will the produce be cleaned correctly. Joe and I learned very early on in our adventure in Central American that no matter how hard you try to avoid it, one day you are going to eat something that is going to cause your intestinal tract to rebel. Joe researched the parasites, amoebas and other creepy crawlies or cooties as he calls them, that can invade your system and make your life miserable. Every three to six months both Joe and I take a series of medications to get rid of any critters that, even though you don’t feel bad, don’t have diarrhea or any other symptoms, may be multiplying in your system.

Now living in Ecuador we have found that the medications pictured below, taken over a three-day period eliminate these from our system. These are what Joe and I take and they can be purchased over the counter at any pharmacy.

We just take one of each every morning and evening for three days.  We switch off occasionally on the antibiotic so nothing gets used to it and each antibiotic kills different stuff. We use Flagyl instead of Bactrim Forte once in a while.

Lacteol fort is $7.95 for 12 capsules

Albendazol is $2.50 for 10 tablets

Bactrim Forte is $4.68 for 10 tablets

Joe always goes on-line and checks to see if there are any counter-indication with other medications he is taking.

The medical information on this website is provided “as is” without any representations or warranties, express or implied. Check with your health care professional. 


17 thoughts on “Cooties

  1. Hi Nancy

    Just a word of thanks for the wonderful info that you so generously share with your readers. I am sure that finding the things that work involved pain and disappointment on your part. I appreciate you sparing me some of that with your frequent updates.

    I also enjoy your cooking tips which I finsd useful and fun. I look forward to future blogs.

    Many Thanks

    • Hi Ern, Thanks so much for your comment. We find these things out by just living each day..happy if our experiences help someone else. Have a blessed day, N

  2. thanks Nancy, another great post with important info…we’ll need to visit our favorite farmacia..One thing I have learned..if you do pick up a bug/parasite, stay away from sweets / sugar.. supposedly they thrive/multiply on sweets..that info from a local..

    • Hi John & Mary, I did not know about the sweets, I was told to stay away from shellfish, I guess if it is just not the freshest it can cause you more problems. N

  3. Thanks for the info, but it makes me nerves now. We have been really looking at so much stuff and we both agree that we want to be in San Clemente area first. We live in a very small area I have to go 6miles to a small grocery store and we have 2 doc at a clinic, 1 red little at the only 4 way, and it’s 23 miles to Walmart or any hospital. We saw picture on line of the town and read many blogs from other travelers. We rather small area and near the water. So do you know of anyplaces or anyone that rents a 1 or 2 bedroom furnished to start with in the town there! nothing fancy but clean!!!

  4. Flagyl is great stuff for killing “cooties” used world wide regularly. LactoBacillus is great for building up the “good” bacteria and is what turns milk into Yogurt. Thanks Nancy!

    • Hi Tim. have not had internet for two days. What I am looking for is Kefir grains for making yogurt but I have not found anyone around this area who has them…oh well maybe some kind soul will bring some in their luggage when them come to visit…ha ha N

  5. Thanks for the info on Cooties! I know from travelling in Mexico and Central America that the bugs that grow in that climate are different than here in Canada! I am going to Ecuador for 3 months this winter and its good to know what you can buy OTC. This year I’m hoping to deal with it properly from the get go!

  6. I’ll be there Jan. 4th to April 2nd! Staying in Playa for 2 of those months with some people I think you know…Roger Hollander and his wife…in one of their cottages. Looking forward to it. Trying to learn as much as I can ahead of time. While I’m at it, do you know if special vaccinations are required for Ecuador at that time?

    • Hi again Debbie, Great amount of time to visit and really get a feel for Ecuador. I love Roger and Carmen, they are really great folks. When Joe and I first visited Playas we stayed with Roger their place is clean, safe and they are wonderful hosts. It is a very short walk to a few of our favorite restaurants, a few more blocks and you are in the center of downtown and the local mercado, one of my favorite places to be sure. Please send our best, I miss them a bunch. It is great to do your research, read everything you can get your hands on, Culture Shock by Nicolas Crowder is a good resource, join all the Expat groups on Facebook, Yahoo etc but keep an open mind, some of these folks are just not happy, nothing could make them happy the way it seems and like Edgar Allen Poe stated “Believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear.” Everyone has an opinion and are allowed their opinion but just because I saw something one way does not mean that you will see it the same way…

      If you are visiting Playas and some of the other coastal towns you really do not need any vaccinations, if you are visiting the jungle that is a different story…I highly suggest that you buy a big bottle of Detan that is the local mosquito repellent and put it on religiously several times a day and another application before the sun goes down…Roger and Carmen have a beautiful garden in the common area and the mosquitoes love it as much as the humans. I hope this helps! Nancy

    • Hi, we have never had any vaccinations, it is not required in visiting Ecuador or becoming a resident. If going into the jungle I would do whatever was required but Joe and I are not going into the jungle at this stage of our lives, ha ha Nancy

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