Wash Peel or Cook your Fruits and Vegetables

One of our readers and new friend, Eileen Sadler asked a very good question, “What do you use to clean the fruits and veggies…is peeling them all you need to do…I want to be sure I learn to prepare things correctly and that they are ready to eat…” What we have been told is never, ever eat raw fruits or veggies especially never eat a salad unless everything has been thoroughly washed. Well we have not always stuck to this warning, I have eaten salads, have had raw cabbage on deep-fried empanadas and used aji (homemade hot sauce) in small restaurants. Yes, we have had our share of stomach issues. Seems that there are tiny amoeba that can be found on the exterior of your produce. These tiny amoeba can cause havoc with your intestinal tract and ruin your vacation. This article I found on the internet can help you understand better than I can explain it.


But washing with plain water is just not enough. What you can get at your bigger supermarkets like SuperMaxi is a product called Vitalin. You will find it in the produce section for under $3.00 a bottle. We have also used Grape Seed but that is not as easy to find here.

I will do an article on the medications we take several times a year to kill any of these little bugs that get in your system. Just because you do not have diarrhea or other symptoms these little buggers are in your body and at a minimum you should take these medications twice a year.

The rule is if you peel it or cook it, fine. Otherwise, soak it in the solution.

6 thoughts on “Wash Peel or Cook your Fruits and Vegetables

  1. Great blog Nancy… when we first moved here, could not find the veggie wash in the stores, so I mixed up my own. Here’s the recipe if others can’t find the products:
    1 cup water (bottled, not tap water)
    1 cup white vinegar
    1 TBS Baking soda
    Juice of 1 lemon

    I mix up enough to fit a large spray bottle..refrigerate between use.
    I first clean the veggies / fruit…rinse well then saturate with the spray wash.. I let mine sit for about 10 minutes or so then rinse with bottled water if eating raw or unpeeled. ( FYI: we do add a capful of bleach to our blue bottles before we use them.)
    Drip dry thoroughly.

    • Hi John & Mary, I love your homemade version of veggie cleaner. Would mix this up when I run out of the store bought stuff for sure. N

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