Making Cheese

Several times a week a gentleman drives around our neighborhood selling fresh milk. He has a motorbike with two 5 gal insulated jugs on the back. I have made rice pudding with this rich milk and even shared it with the neighbors. This week I decided to make some fresh cheese or queso fresco or farmers cheese with my purchase.  I know your asking why in the world would you make your own cheese, first our tienda does not carry any meats or cheeses, I haven’t seen even yogurt so the only way to get cheese is to go to Portoviejo which is not always convenient for me. The other choice is to buy cheese from the truck that comes around once a week and I have found that to be way too salty for my taste, I buy it if I have to but it is not my first choice.

No paper or plastic cartons, he just measures out what you want into your pitcher for .70 cents a quart.

Making fresh cheese is very easy, you bring your milk up to 195 degrees F add two tablespoons of white vinegar and a dash of salt,  stir it around until the curds are formed and strain it.  Allow the cheese to sit in the strainer for one hour to be sure all the whey has drained out. Then I added some very finely chopped fresh herbs. Today’s combination is plain with just a dash of salt shown on the left and rosemary, mint, basil and a dash of red pepper flakes and salt shown on the right. Glad I already took the photos, cuz here comes Joe!

7 thoughts on “Making Cheese

    • Hi Patricia, thanks so much for saying it like it is, he is pretty spoiled ha ha. It is so much fun coming up with recipes that I would never have even attempted in the states…always something cooking or baking or canning at our house…N

    • Hi Rolie, if I only knew where to find culture starter, did not know I could add probiotics we can get those at the pharmacy…how would I do that??? I have asked around for kefir and found a lady in Guayaquil who would share with me but we could not connect before we moved out of Playas…I would really love some grains to make my own kefir….n

    • John & Mary, it is dryer and more crumbly and of course I use a lot less salt than what you can buy at the mercado but very nice. Nancy

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