Blue Devils Cover the Beach

We were walking back from town this afternoon and found jellyfish all over the beach. The largest collection seemed to be in front of Palm Azul.

These little guys pack a wallop. We will not be swimming today!

3 thoughts on “Blue Devils Cover the Beach

  1. You are so right – I was stung by one last year – it was extremely painfull – no instant relief – just had to wait it out for about 24 hours – I do hear vinegar works well but of course at the beach we don’t usually carry vinegar – am now much more aware of these little devils and the sting they leave.

    • Audrey, I got stung just once and I am afraid of those devils ever since…Joe and I carry a small plastic bottle of vinegar in our beach bag at all times since that one time…I am telling you the mark and the pain lasted for days. It hit me on the inside of my thigh, OHG, I cried like a baby it was so painful, then I washed it with ocean water which made it worse…I don’t hate many things but I can honestly say I HATE THOSE BLUE DEVILS… N

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