Acting like Beach Bums!

Our friends Becky & Keith invited us for a little excursion down the coast on Tuesday. We stopped at several beaches on the way and found some absolutely beautiful stones at each.  I decided several months back that I wanted to do something on the concrete cover in our garden and started bringing home flat stones from our own beach to do some sort of cute covering for the lid. While at these beaches we found some beautiful flat stones that are more colorful and much more ornate than what I have found here.  Look at these examples:

These bigger rocks will be used as a rock garden in one area of our garden. I just cannot believe the colors.

These were just too beautiful not to pick up and display somewhere on our porch.

These are some of my favorites.

I found this cute little fellow and decided that he needed a home in San Clemente.  Keith looked at me pretty strange when I dragged this to the car. Not sure if it looks like a bird or a small seal but I will find a place for it to keep watch over my garden.

We all had a great time playing on the beach, I recommend this activity for anyone that wants to feel like a kid again.  Of course, the next day your back may be a bit sore but it was worth it.

We saw turtle nests that have been cordoned off to protect the precious eggs scattered around this one beach.

The views of the cliffs and the beach were breathtaking.

What a great day to act like a beach bum!

21 thoughts on “Acting like Beach Bums!

    • Z, we did have a great day! And all of us are ready to do it again! I am looking for a great spot in the garden for our little driftwood friend, N

    • Hi Patricia, thanks for your comment, working hard to get the garden in some sort of shape before the rains start…have no fingernails left and a bunch of calluses on my palms but the yard is looking pretty good. N

    • Hey Mary and John, thanks I just home some of my cuttings make it then it will really look nice. You are so welcome for dinner it was a long time coming, now that the house is pretty together we will need to do it more often. Thanks so much for the flowers, I cannot wait to get them in the ground tomorrow morning. Nancy & Joe

  1. Loved your photos…I took home stones that I loved from Puerto Lopez to make jewelry out of…the colors were wonderful…looks like a perfect day trip in Ecuador that you all had. Eileen

  2. Greetings Nancy,

    I really enjoy your writing. I would love to have an excuse to visit you when I get to Ecuador (nov. 6 flight). After I get somewhat adjusted and settled, I would love to visit you when convenient. I thought I would pack some powdered cocoa if you would still need it or want? Anything else on your list? Your colored stones and details to your environment so remind me of myself. I never quit playing with rocks and dirt. Ha! Ann

    • Hi Ann, thanks so much for your comments. If you could fit a small container of turmeric that would make me very happy. I have a large bag of cocoa and have been told that the locals sell it, of course I have not needed any since a friend brought back a huge bag when he visit the US last year. Thanks a bunch, would love to meet you and visit for a while after you get settled, where are you heading first? Nancy

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  4. Hola,

    This cinches it, no more holding back, no more second guessing, we’re moving to Ecuador and no doubt about it – for the rocks, if nothing else! They’re beautiful. Sandy’s drooling over them, we both are, and already planning ways to use them. Do you know if similar stones are in the streams away from the coast? I suppose there must be, as I don’t think there is any sedimentary rock in the Andes.


    • Hi John & Sandy, Good for you, I understand from Keith that these rocks come from a stream that runs under the mountains around this part of the beach into the ocean and then is deposited back on shore by the tide. I hope you can find some research on the internet regarding the streams because I have no knowledge of that. Nancy

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