Visiting a Piladora

In the town of Charapoto are a few piladoras. Well I guess the rough translation would be a grain mill. Here a machine is used to remove the hulls from rice, mill grains such as corn. The sign says something about polishing and shelling, I am not sure exactly what the process is but what we saw were large bags of rice ready to sell.

The machine was very noisy and there was a great deal of activity as the rice was being processed and bagged.  Now who needs a 50 lb bag of rice? I know where you can get a good deal! Arroz con pollo coming up!


5 thoughts on “Visiting a Piladora

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    • Hi Mike, As we visit places and if I bring my camera I will do more on the businesses in our area. I had never seen grain being processed it is exciting to be able to see how our foods are grown and processed. I really want to go with Fredy to his papaya farm and do a story but he is so busy that I may not get to do that. Nancy

  2. Hello again from Montana,

    My wife and I will be passing through San Clamente sometime next week and were hoping to grab one of those big beers with the two of you. Will you be around?

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