Friday morning Joe and I needed to go to Charapoto to the CNEL office. Seems that our electric meter has not been registering the power usage for the past few months. I did not think anything of the first bill I paid which was $5.79 but then the next was $5  and this past month it was $5.02….We don’t use a great deal of electricity but $5 is way too low. So I put together a letter. Here, everything you do, every place you go requires a letter so I made the letter including the meter number, our electric bill number, my cedula number, name, address and gave copies of the first three pages of our deed, copy of the electric bill when we closed on the house, copy of my cedula and censo and a photo of the meter itself.  Everything seems to be okay and they will be sending someone out to check the meter. When I don’t know, but I would assume within the next week.  We will see. But that is not why I am writing this.

While in Charapoto walking away from the CNEL office I looked up the street but did not know what I was looking at.  So I stopped a few women and asked them. It was a gruta or grotto in English where the patron saint of Charapoto, Santa Gema is displayed. Joe and I walked up the hill and took these pictures.  Maria Gemma Umberta Pia Galgani was an Italian mystic, venerated as a saint in the Roman Catholic Church since 1940. She has been called the “Daughter of Passion” because of her profound imitation of the Passion of Christ. Wikipedia

More information can be found at:

Then we continued our walk towards the church that is on the street that holds the public mercado on Saturday and Sundays.  Very seldom do we find a church open during the week. Our experience is that the church doors are closed and locked until Sunday and only open for Mass times. Patricia told me that the priest who has his residence in Charapoto, next to the church is the one priest for this entire area.  This answers the question of why church doors are not open, there is no one their to open and close the doors each day. Sad when we were kids each church had it own priest sometimes two, today they are closing Catholic Churches all the time for lack of priest and lack of parishioners.  It was special to be able to visit this beautiful church.

This is a beautiful church, very well maintained and I was so happy to find it open for our visit. What a great day!


11 thoughts on “Charapoto

  1. Just caught up on your last few days…enjoyed all you shared especially the pictures…the house looks wonderful…so much more done since we met you…hope this finds you both doing well…Eileen and Jeff Sadler

    • Hi Eileen & Jeff, thanks so much for your comments. Yes, we are finally, well maybe not sure about the drive yet, done with the concrete work. Yesterday afternoon the Tile Maestro put the rest of our porceline tiles on our kitchen counter and area around our stove, it only needs the caulking between the tiles and that will be completed. The Wood Maestro will be here Monday morning early to hang the bodega doors and we may do the finish work and painting of those walls ourselves just to have a project. After the first of the year I will need to order the shelving, cabinets and cubbies for the house. Maybe doing one room at a time as we have the funds but that is our project for 2013. Joe wants to take down all the window moldings and shutters, inside and out and refinish them. He will do this by hand that should take many months to complete but he is actually looking forward to doing it. It will be a totally remodeled home when we are finished. Nancy

    • Z, it is not ill it is dead! ha ha I don’t want to have a problem with the electric company, who knows how they handle situations like this and I did not want to find myself 6 months down the line with a $500 bill or some such nonsense. It is better because the house currently has a 110V and we really need a 200V because sooner or later we will be puchasing an a/c unit for the bedroom and the one we have would not be able to handle it. Thanks, N

    • Hi Ana, thanks for your comment. All is going good with the house. I’m still in some sort of shock just doing day by day right now. N

  2. From your photos, it looks like the religious figures are all white. Do you ever see them portrayed as Andean people look?

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