The Bluff

San Clemente is surrounded by water on the west and a mountain range (the Bluff) on the east. The highest point on the bluff is at the north end of the beach and it is around 1,500 ft. This week we finally took a walk up to the point where the bluff meets the sand.

We have been told that some folks travel up and down this beach at low tide in their cars. At high tide there is no beach, the waves crash against the bluff.  So far I have only seen trucks use the sand as a road.  We don’t have a comfort level with the idea of driving down an isolated stretch of beach that in a few hours time you can find yourself underwater. What if you have a problem with your car? I guess I am not the most adventurous person so this scares the dickens out of me.

Again, being the scaredy cat that I am having my house back up to this bluff does not make me feel comfortable either. But many feel okay about their choice I guess because there are many houses that back right up to it.

This is where the sand curves around the cliff going towards Bahia. The further we walked the odder we felt. I looked at Joe and said that I felt this pressure in my chest and he looked at me and said he was just going to tell me the same thing. I don’t know why but with the ocean on one side and this huge mountain on the other, the further away from land that we got the more we could feel this pressure. It was almost as if we were short of breath or at a very high altitude, or that the bluff was somehow pulling us. Once we walked back down the beach the feeling subsided. I am not sure if I liked the feeling, Joe said he felt good and wanted to make that walk more often…

Someone has placed a cross at the top the hill, this is seen from downtown looking up at the bluff.

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