Construction Update

Here are some photos of the construction work done last week.

The counter top and front have been tiled, now we are waiting on the tile man to complete the side and the wall behind the stove. That should be happening on Saturday.

The bodega (storage room) has been built and we are waiting for it to cure before they will hang the doors and then the prep work for the paint can be done and completion of shelving and hooks for all of our tools and cleaning equipment.

Our driveway has been sloped and a curb outside the gate has been added to stop the flow of water from the street with more drainage to help during the upcoming rainy season.

This phase of the construction “the concrete work” is almost completed, now we will take a break and worry about cabinets, shelving and the like after the new year.

10 thoughts on “Construction Update

    • Hi Tom, I get a quote by the job. Daily rate for workers is low maybe $10 a day for unskilled while a maestro would get maybe $20. They used brick and concrete for all of the walls, my kitchen counters have rebar running through them as well. Then they put a skim coat of concrete and wait until it cures before applying the tile or primer if the area is going to be painted. So far so good. This is the last dirty work, all that we have on our wish list after this is cabinetry, cubbies and shelving units. Nancy

  1. Looking good. One project and one day at a time. No sense driving yourself crazy trying to get everything done at once.

    • Audrey, this is the last, I swear, of the dirty work. After the tile maestro finishes this weekend I will remove everything from the kitchen and do a through cleaning, there is dust, sand and rocks everywhere. Next project will be NOTHING for the next several months. After the new year we will start on the cabinets and shelving. thanks for your comments, N

  2. love to see other bloggers work in progress. it’s always good to see the results! looking forward to exploring more of your adventure in Equador.

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