Our First Blue-footed Booby

While walking to the beach on Monday morning we saw this bird just hanging out on the rocks at the end of our street. I did not think much of it until I uploaded my pictures this morning and looked at those blue feet.

He was a bit far from home as I have been told that the Blue-footed Booby only can be found in the Galapagos and that is approximately 1090 kilometres (680 miles) from here.

He looked pretty content – maybe Manabi will be his new home!

12 thoughts on “Our First Blue-footed Booby

  1. Nancy–I did see several times these birds in Manta and you can enjoy seeiing several colonies of them and others on Isla de Plata inside Machalilla National Park off boat tour from PuertoLopez -It can be combines with Whale watching in July thro September–If one can not afford to go to Galapagos ,this is the place to visit to see so many birds and turtles that it is called poor man”s galapagos.That is what i did as I hated to pay so much for the expensive trip–with good wishes–Yusuf

    • Hola Yusuf, When we spent time in Puerto Lopez, several years ago we heard about the boat tours to the island…We were really not that interested in taking a very small boat out into the huge ocean with huge whales during their mating season…I keep saying we are not that adventurous and I mean it, I love the land, I love the sand, I love the water up to my knees.. ha ha

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