More Construction

We have been in our house for almost two months – so after living with no storage, no cupboards in the kitchen and the idea that our driveway WILL flood when the rains start Joe and I came up with the next set of plans for updates to the house. It took us several days to put our thoughts down in drawings covering the extension of the existing kitchen counter, shelves, cubbies and cabinets for the kitchen, storage on the porch, curbs, concrete coating on the driveway for drainage.  I know we just finished with construction what are we gluttons for punishment? Short answer, yes. But in our defense I must say living without a place to put anything is a great catalyst for improvement so we were moved to make these updates so soon after such a major constructions job.

I had Patricia come by last week and gave her her own copy of a 10 page childishly drawn set of plans for the next set of changes. Most of the work revolves around the wood maestro but before we can move forward with him all the concrete (dirty) work needed to be done first. Then Patricia came back with Fredy and they gave us a quote on the concrete work. Patricia needed to converts all my plans to metric, sorry I am still working in inches and feet…I know I need to get into this century but that is all I know. Then she came back with the wood maestro to come up with the cost for all my drawings. Keep in mind, these updates will be done over a very long period of time as our budget was used up on the first set of updates. The next day Patricia and Fredy had folks lined up to work, this is what we call service. So for those that have an issue with service in this country, take a look at how fast service can be given with the right folks managing the job.  We sat with Patricia on Wednesday afternoon by Friday morning construction had started!

So far the concrete maestro and assistant have put in the concrete work for the extension to my kitchen counter and have a portion of the framing for the concrete work necessary for around the house.

This morning this is what the space looked like above now this is what it looks like this afternoon below.

This is what the side of the house looked like this morning.

This is just a few hours later.

And of course the driveway was empty this morning and now look at it.

I know my house and drive are a construction site again. On Saturday morning the concrete maestro discovered that our drain pipe leading from the guest bathroom to our septic was crushed about a foot as well as a few holes so the entire length of the pipe needed to be replaced as well as the elbows at both ends. Hopefully the pipe under our garden does not need to be replaced as well.

Well it’s Monday morning and there are five men working on the concrete. Today they should finish the curb and put down the concrete at the outside shower area where water does not drain as well as putting a hole in that far wall for drainage.  I hope to have the storage unit on my porch started this afternoon or tomorrow. By Monday evening the supports around the counter have been removed, the base of the new window sill has been poured, the second section of the walkway on the outside of the house has been poured and the wall for my storage room has been started.

Once the brick and concrete have been completed for the storage room it will need several weeks to cure before they can continue with their work.

5 thoughts on “More Construction

  1. very nice , especially like the idea of extending the kitchen counter…John said garden area ( under trees) is looking good, was going to ask for pictures but since I’m a 5 min. bike ride away, I’ll head down and see it in person…lol
    house looking very nice and getting to where you want it..poco a poco

    • Hi Guys, thanks I needed more space in that kitchen and this will just make me SOOOOOOOOOOOO happy.

      Joe has been chopping and chopping I had to take the loppers away from him or all that would be left would be a twig with no leaves, ha ha…Visit at your own risk the next few days, they are mixing concrete on the driveway for the past two days, it is a real mess…Hopefully they will be finished with the concrete work within the next few days and then I can clean up…my life while this place is under construction is to walk around with a broom, dustpan and a mop….

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