Cell Phone Numbers Going to 10 Digits as of October

Joe just sent me an article that appeared in El Diario newspaper on-line yesterday. According to the article cell phone numbers which now have 9 digits will go to 10 as of October 2012. As of October a nine  (9) will be added right after the first zero (0). Example:  if a cell starts today with 084, from October 0984 will be the correct dialing process.




7 thoughts on “Cell Phone Numbers Going to 10 Digits as of October

  1. Hi – We have been playing catch-up reading your adventure since Feb. 2010. A couple of questions: We have not been able to reconstruct the history of your getting to Ecuador via Panama. Could you enlighten us?

    Do you return to the States? If so what is the current going rate to get there and back?

    Would be interested to read what your path was to Ecuador – were there stops beyond Panama and then Ecuador?

    Also would like to link to your Blog – but always ask permission first – Is this OK?

    John and Anita in Mexico

    • Hi John and Anita, We loved Panama, we lived in a very small town surrounded by locals all of whom were so kind to us and we actually think of them as family now. But we really missed the beach. Panama although surrounded by water, really does not have many towns on the water so we were beach deprived. We only saw the ocean once in the three and a half years living there and that was at Decameron Resorts, it was nice but not exactly what we had in mind as a beach vacation. Also, violent crime was starting to be an big issue with folks coming across the border from Costa Rica. Being North Americano’s we stood out and would probably have become targets sooner or later. That was probably the biggest catalyst in our moving. We had already gone through the residency process and expense in Panama and had to do it all over again to become resident in Ecuador. So we did not take another move lightly.

      I have been back to the states several times in our over six years, Joe does not travel well so does not go with me. I have not been back in several years now, our finances have not allowed me to make the trip and travel is expensive from Ecuador to NE Pennsylvania where my family lives. Now, with the house, all extra money is going into making it a home so until I hit the big 62 and have some Social Security it does not look good for me traveling back.

      We looked at many places, not exactly sure why we settled on Panama except the government made us feel welcome with all the incentives given to Expats. The beach idea was what drove us to Ecuador and we are pleased with our decision.

      Would be happy to have you link our blog to yours. Now I will take a look at your adventure and see how it is going in Mexico. Tener un día maravilloso, N

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