Mamey (mah-MAY)

When Joe and I lived in South Florida, specifically Cooper City, we had the most lovely neighbors, Maria and Pedro Bugallo. They fled communism and left Cuba and their plantation to start over in a new world. They did not speak English when they arrived in NYC but both found work and prospered. We met them around 1983 or so, right before Jennifer was born. They were very special people and we shared some wonderful times together. The one thing they would talk about all the time was how excellent mamey was. Mamey is a fruit only grown in tropical places, once in a blue moon they would find someone in Hialeah who had grown this exotic fruit and they would buy it for mamey shakes.

One day last week the one young vendor came by with these beauties. They were five for a dollar and he gave me a regalo of one more. I scooped out the dark red fruit and added cream and made ice cream. It was not completely frozen before I was ready to serve it, but who cares it was wonderful. I may try the shake made of it if he has more when he comes by this week.

11 thoughts on “Mamey (mah-MAY)

    • Ana, I cannot believe that I found them here…I have seen them in Panama but was given the fruit way before it was ripe and opened it and was less than impress with a unripened fruit…These were ready the day he delivered them and I took full advantage. Next I will try a shake, any suggestions??? I make avacado, mora and several other bebidas but have never done mamey, should I use milk, water, ice and white sugar or do you have another recipe??? N PS sorry I cannot share with you, as I know that you would really appreciate it.

  1. We blend mamey, ice, milk, and a little vanilla together — sugar if needed but rarely. We just found a mamey tree a short walk from our house here in Panama. I wish we had vendors stopping by the house……you have a great benefit!

  2. No, just use milk, sugar and a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream use more or less ice cream depending on how thick you like it, no agua por favor…

    • Ana, I have not tried ice cream in any of my fruit drinks before, here they just use whole milk and ice cubes…that sounds great and rich and well you know,,,,

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