San Clemente Parade

Friday was the parade for the festival in San Clemente. Here are a ton of pictures and a few videos of what we saw:

This is our neighborhood fisherman from Norte.

This is the handsome young man who lives directly across the street from us. What a sweet young man!

This is our neighbor from down at the tienda at the end of our block.

6 thoughts on “San Clemente Parade

  1. Ecuador’s parades are amazing, aren’t they? Thank you for the hard work involved in sharing these images! I loved the parade of little ballenas, and you did a great job of catching movement in many of the photos. Did the festivities last all the way through Saturday night?!!! Z

    • Hi Lisa, I actually think there was a dance last evening. But we are not night people and the nights activities did not start until 10pm, by that time Joe and I are not ready to dance we are ready to sleep ja ja I will find out from Patricia how the night time activities went, they did have a orchestra on Friday evening as we saw their bus drive through town before the parade started…it is a grand affair each year according to the locals. The fireworks on Saturday night we could see from our house. Spectacular! n

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