Tonight’s Sunset!

It was just so beautiful I had to share with you all.

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6 thoughts on “Tonight’s Sunset!

    • Thanks Lisa, it was a great parade yesterday. Having issues with my computer again so I have not been able to upload my photos and videos…hopefully today after the boat parade I will have the time to do both. Have a great day, N

      • hey
        i totally understand. after a week of work in guayaquil, i am on my way home and have a new computer. after using a dimwitted burro for so long, i will have to adjust to a computer that can think circles around each of my thoughts!

        i hope that your computer woes are soon corrected, and you are back in your highly-productive creative mode!

    • I Yusuf, It should be a slide show of 4 pictures of the sunset, it is pretty dark so maybe your computer setting is on the dark side. Let me know if you were able to see them, if not I can email the photos to you. It was a beautiful sunset indeed! N

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