Meeting more new friends, Libby Rush

Just a lovely woman, Libby was visiting Ecuador and in particular San Jacinto, San Alejo and San Clemente a few weeks ago. Libby hails from Marietta, GA one of Joe and my old stomping grounds. We discussed our love of Williamson BBQ, going to the Buford Farmers Market and all the wonderful stuff you can find around the Big Chicken. We met at El Eden Restaurant for lunch and I sat there for almost the entire time with my camera out but would get so absorbed in the conversation that I failed to take a photo of her. So her kind self sent me a photo to use.

She said she just loves the small town feel of this area and will be back.

7 thoughts on “Meeting more new friends, Libby Rush

    • Leigh, she is a very sweet woman, so sorry she had some bad experiences while here, but she is a fighter and says she will be back. Nancy

    • Libby, we also loved visiting with you. Take your time, do it right so you can come here with nothing to worry about. See you soon, N

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