New Friends Eileen and Jeff Sadler

Another lovely couple Eileen and Jeff are touring around Ecuador and just spent a few days in Playas with our good friends Roger and Carmen Hollander at Playagringo. After just a few minutes we found out our lives have had a similar path. We moved to South Florida back in 1976 they moved there several years after us, the also lived in Atlanta, GA so it was like old home week talking about all the great places we knew and spent time at.  They also just completed a tour of Panama where we lived for over three years. It is a very small world.

We sat on our porch for a few hours talking and then headed down the beach to Viviana’s for a wonderful lunch. The tide was in so we were not able to walk as far on the sand as we would have wanted. They will be heading back to the states in a few days, to complete their plans to move to Ecuador. Wherever they decide to live on the coast we hope to continue our new-found friendship.

Vaya con Dios nuevos amigos!

5 thoughts on “New Friends Eileen and Jeff Sadler

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  2. San Clemente looks like a great place. Can you give any info on what is costs to live in an area like San Clemente? (rent) Are there many places available?

    • Good Morning Kristina, San Clemente is not a big town, you will not find a huge selection of housing here, I need to say that first. You can rent for as little as $250 a month in a neighborhood like we live in or you can spend upwards of $800 +, plus maintenance charge maybe even more if you want to live in Vista Azul. Electric ran us $40 per month in Playas (I have not had a full month in this house to give you our current electric) no a/c units but 4 fans going all the time, water is the same not a full month but I don’t expect to pay more than $5 per month, Internet 1k is $25 or 3k is $45 per month with ManaNet, drinking water $1 per bottle we drink anywhere from 1 to 1 1/2 bottles per week so lets say $6 per month, cooking gas is $2.50 a container I cook and bake a lot and use a container every two to three months. Telephone local only $7 per month, they are currently installing high speed internet throughout the city we paid $25 per month for 600 service. Long distance is expensive and I have not found a service here that is cheap so we uses SKYPE, I have heard that Magic Jack works well, but it is not available for the area in PA that I have family so I have not purchased one. If you plan on buying a car expect to pay a great deal more than what you could get in the US but gas is cheap, I do not know who would repair it and one thing that I have heard, if you buy your car in Quito to get a better deal you will be taking it back to Quito each year when it needs the tags renewed. There is a tag agency in Portoviejo and it always has long lines but their system does not allow other areas to register, you would need to speak to someone about getting a drivers license, the test in Spanish and the renewal process, both Joe and I decided to use public transportation instead of taking on the responsiblity of a car, our preference. One really good thing gas is very cheap but it is subsidized by the government and that subsidy can be taken away at any time. Sample of food prices: 1 lb fresh filet of fish $2.50, super large shrimp $4.50 6 or 7 to a lb, large $3.50, 3 lbs of fresh tomatoes $1. 6 Mamey $1, 1/2 lb of fresh farm butter $1, 20-25 mandarin oranges $1, avocado 3 to 5 for $1, 6 roll pack of Scott TP Doble Hoja $1.45, 30 fresh eggs under $4, pork tenderloin $2.50 lb, 22 oz Pilsener Beer $1, box red wine $4, nice bottle red $7-8, fresh rolls .10, small bottle water .30. I hope that gives you some idea of the prices, if you have a specific item let me know. Medications are inexpensive and only narcotics require a doctors prescription, you can buy high blood pressure meds and most others over the counter for very little. Shopping in San Clemente is sparse but Portoviejo is only an hour away by bus for $1 per person each way there would be a short taxi ride 1.75 each way to Kywi shopping and the bus goes right by el Pasao Shopping so you can just hop off the bus, but you would need to take a taxi to the bus terminal for $1 to get back on the bus, I would not be hanging around the street with packages waiting on the bus. There are many private drivers here who will take you to either Portoviejo or Bahia for shopping trips. Nancy

      • Beverly and I are researching ecuador as a retirement option. We’d be interested in exchanging emails and getting your thoughts. Coincidentally, we know of Jeff and Eileen Sadler through common friends (Bobby and Joannie in FL). Any chance that you have contact information for them? We understand they recently retired in Ecuador and it would be great to exchange contact information with them.

        Thanks so much. Joe and Beverly

        • Hi Joseph, I sent your message to Eileen and Jeff they should contact you directly at the email address you listed here.


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