Smoked Pork Sausage

Last weekend the tienda women sent a vendor to our gate. This is the man who brings the fresh-made chicharrones to the tienda each week and because Joe just loves those little piggy morsels and eats them with almost anything even as a snack we go through quite a few bags. The vendor proceeded to show me some of the most beautiful fresh sausages I have seen here in Ecuador. After eating one bite I knew I was hooked and I asked them to order me several more pounds for this past weekend. Early Saturday afternoon he came by with these smoked sausages. I bought four. I packed them up triple bagged and put them in the freezer except for one which we gave as a gift. I also purchased a few bags of chicharrones

and he gave me a gift of a beautiful fruit salad as a regalo,

We are not eating a great deal of fruit now so I gave this to our friends Becky and Keith, I hope they enjoyed it because it sure looked good.

I did cook a tiny piece of the sausage up for Joe to test, it got his approval so we will need to make a nice Polish dish of sauerkraut and sausage, but first I have to make some sauerkraut…This home shopping stuff is great – almost like QVC!


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