New Friends – Becky and Keith Williams

Let me introduce some really great folks that are staying in San Jacinto while they are touring Ecuador. Becky and Keith are from the West Coast of Florida but may be permanent residents of Ecuador very soon.

We met them a few months ago while Joe and I were living in the rental house. They found a really great place in San Jacinto one of only a handful of houses right on the water. What fabulous views and a great breeze, they both admit they will never need air conditioning in this house!

Check out this view up the beach, I know I am jealous also.

We hope to see them often and share some great times together.

3 thoughts on “New Friends – Becky and Keith Williams

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    • Hi Tamika, We are enjoying our time with your Aunt and Uncle. They are just great folks and have such a great attitude about their adventures here in Ecuador. Be well Tamika, Nancy & Joe Levin

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