Meier’s Sabor de Bamboo

We have found a great resource for things that we cannot find in the tiendas here in Clemente. First I must tell you that Meier has been in this area for over 10 years, he has a restaurant and bar at the far northern end of Clemente up near the bluff. He serves a mean almuerzo during the week and his seafood dinners are excellent and priced right and you can get a nice ale on tap. We have gone up a few times for breakfast on Sunday mornings where he serves a traditional American style breakfast including eggs over easy, crispy bacon, real toasted bread served with margarine and jam, fresh squeezed orange juice and an excellent large mug of fresh brewed coffee. All of this for $2.50 and I did not have to lift a finger…But I digress.

He is the local distributor for many brands of spirits, wine and beers making both Joe and I very happy indeed. His prices are great, he delivers right to your door and did I mention he even makes a lovely thin crust pizza after 7pm each evening. Oh, sorry I keep remembering his food. He carries quart and gallon jugs of a fruit vinegar that I have used for my pickling of eggs and vegetables  He has several brands of box wine, probably 25 different varieties of bottled wine, a variety of rums, vodkas, as well as coffee.

He will grind both beef and pork, sell you cuts of both meats, carries a wonderful brand of mozzarella cheese as well as good quality bacon and will order cream cheese for me anytime I want. Sunday we ordered a box of goodies that were delivered Monday morning. If you get him your order early Monday he will have your order delivered to your door by Thursday.

He also has a hostel on the property and it is located a short 1 minute walk to a very quiet beach.

15 thoughts on “Meier’s Sabor de Bamboo

    • Lisa, Meier is unbelievable, he has a storeroom with so many things to choose from and then when he opens his refrigerators and brings out packages of bacon and cheese I feel like I am in heaven! But you really need to have his breakfast, Joe and I were bad, it was around 10:30 on Sunday morning and we were sharing a draft beer after our breakfast, I would only admit that to you…felt like a real expat on vacation!!! ha ha N

      • That makes me laugh; in fact, when you mentioned the ale, i thought, ‘Wow! how decadent! Like the princess and the pea, it’s not that we’re complaining when we note things that are not quite to our comfort needs, but wow, how we bask in those comforts when they present themselves to us! Sunday brunch with a nce draft beer – you’ll get no retort from me!
        my friend luchy makes a great pizza here in jama at his ‘palo santo cyber cafe’ though he is only open in the evenings. z

    • yes,his place is awesome as a meet & greet too! Friday night’s a good night to come around 5pm to meet up with some expats!
      Sunday mornings are Bloody Mary time! (again meet & greet)

  1. Love the pizza. When I saw the “storeroom” I was shocked! Meier is a great guy, my husband had met him earlier this year, and I met him in June. He told us a lot about the area, and some other places we were looking. I am working toward that draft beer after breakfast status….:)

    • Hi Jo Ellen, We were very surprised by the pizza ourselves, too bad he does not make it during the day. We are not night people, Joe calls it “Nancy Midnight” when at 8:30pm I am dressed in my nightgown ready for bed. I was kind of shock that Joe and I shared a beer at 10:30am but it was worth it, I guess you could call that brunch ha ha instead of a mimosa a nice glass of ale…could be a trend starter! N

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  3. Hi Nancy,

    It’s a different culture down there.When we visit costa rica and latin america we are usually drinking in the morning!We call it ‘being on vacation.’Only problem is it gets dark early so guess who is sleeping by 9 pm!The pizza down there is different also.The jamon is not what I consider ham but it taste good.Also the cheese taste a little different but you learn to like it with the cracker crust.Do you ever see tequila down there?Just asking.Love your blog

    • Hi Glen, Joe says that Meier sells tequila, not sure what brands. Next time we are up his place I will take a good look at what he has in the storeroom. I may just take a few pictures, with his permission and do another article on what he has. I am very impressed with his pizza and I have not found really great pizza in most cities that we have visited. Nancy

  4. The pizza is so good, the coffee is wonderful and he sell the coffee grinds also, bacon and cheese is one of the best in the area. We got smoked pork chop last week form him also. He does have tequila, dark and Blanco, rum, vodka, and a few whiskeys. Meirs is the place to be on Friday afternoon and on Sunday morning for sure.

  5. Hello,

    Do you have any contact information for Sabor de Bamboo? I am returning to San Clemente next month and would like to contact the owner before we arrive.

    Thank you,


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