El Eden Restaurant

Our almuerzo meals during the week have mostly been from El Eden restaurant located in downtown Clemente. The restaurant has huge blue plate-glass windows and the ceiling is painted with different sea creatures. It is about the only restaurant in centro Clemente that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and always seems to be open.

It has a great almuerzo menu each day, with so many choices and really great food.

We have become a family eating one big meal a day, great for our waistlines and perfect on the pocketbook especially if that meal is almuerzo at $2.50 each.

This day they offered 3 soup choices, 2 sides choices, 2 main courses and 4 juices. For the $2.50 you get a large bowl of soup full of  good stuff like lentils, yuca with beef, a main course of fried fish or beef or chicken etc, rice and a salad or beans or mashed potatoes or the like.  And a very large and cold class of, not watered down, fruit juice. Yum.  Lots of choices each day and always pretty darn good.  And did I mention it’s $2.50?

Below are the pictures painted on the ceilings. Kind of cute, this would look great in a kids room also. Even the shark looks friendly!


5 thoughts on “El Eden Restaurant

  1. wow! when i come to san clemente, i would like to meet the artist that painted the ceiling! it’s difficult (for me) to paint something that’s higher than my head.. my blood pressure falls when my arms/hands are that high!
    great post, and a great selection for almuerzo!

  2. Wow! you are making me hungry and can’t wait until next week when I arrive to enjoy the local dishes. Amazing how much you can get for just $2.50.

    Have never been to the San Clemente area, but may consider a day trip there. How far is it from Playas or Guayaquil? Have a Gr8 Day…..Mkwowbuzz

    By the way, I do get a kick out of you “Spanglish.”

    • Hi Arlene, Thanks you sure do get a good sized lunch here for 2.50 and we try to enjoy it whenever we can for that price. San Clemente is about 5 hours from Playas about 4 from Guayaquil, you would take the inland route not Ruta del Sol, if you took the coast road it would take you a minimum of 2 hours more from Playas.

      Enjoy your trip, email me when you get here, Nancy

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