Geese Crossing

We try to walk into town each day. If the tide is out, walking on the beach is our first choice but some days we find that the water level is higher than we feel comfortable traversing and need to use the road. We like the exercise but mostly we love to eat out for the main meal of the day and almuerzo is a great choice for this. Some days we go into San Jacinto on the bus and eat at Copacabana as I really love the Vichy Soup that comes with their almuerzo meal. Other days making the trip to El Eden in San Clemente works for us.

This one afternoon while enjoying our lunch we saw a group of geese just walking up the road. To say this is a quiet town is an understatement. I am not complaining we love the quiet small town feel, the simple life and great people here in Clemente. After just a few weeks we feel like this is home. Can’t wait until we are in our own home getting it prettied up! What’s interesting about the geese is that they were not crossing the road, they were walking up it. No worries, mate.

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