Viviana Restaurant and Nautilus Bar

On the weekends Joe and I have made it sort of a ritual to go to Viviana’s for a late lunch on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. This is the restaurant we came to while visiting San Clemente back in May.

The restaurant is located directly on the beach a very short road or beach walk from our house. It is a seafood restaurant pure and simple – not one meat item is listed on their menu. The food has been excellent, fresh and plentiful.

Also, did I mention they have a very cute little bar that serves some pretty fine cocktails.

Lunch for the two of us along with a few cocktails is around $14 with no tip necessary.

This past weekend we stopped in last Saturday afternoon to find a group putting the finishing touches on decorations for a party.

We asked if we could have dinner and our waitress was kind enough to allow us to have dinner before the party-goers arrived. And as with prior visits the food was excellent.

14 thoughts on “Viviana Restaurant and Nautilus Bar

    • Lisa, we may need to go over again today for a good fish meal…ha ha I will soon have no excuse for not cooking when we get moved into the house. I found that Meier’s Bar and Restaurant down near the cliffs will sell me beef, pork, chopped beef and pork, wine, liquor, vinegar, mozzarella cheese, bacon, sausage, coffee and a bunch of other stuff. We went up this morning and had breakfast an American breakfast of eggs over easy, bacon, toast, coffee and fresh OJ …I think it was $3 each. Then I had a nice conversation with Meier on what he could sell us and he will deliver to our door tomorrow afternoon….What a life, I do feel like a queen…I will do an article on this probably next week…Have a great Sunday, blessing, N

        • Well I love eating out up to a certain point, then I just yearn for meatloaf or cabbage rolls and that is when I get the pots out and start going wild. I also love making my own bread. Desserts are one of my favorite things in the world. We will be back on Atkins as soon as we get into the house so no sugar, no starch for several weeks. Then we can start adding some of the veggies back. Once on you forget about sugar, potatoes and actually look forward to all the protein. It has been working great for us but eating out with all the rice it is hard to not eat some and of course the pan-man delivers fresh rolls to my door each morning still warm from the oven…I don’t know how I am going to not stop him each morning…Enjoy your time in Manta. N

          • Sounds like a Mardi Gras sort of diet, where you’re appreciating the bounty before you switch to a different menu! I feel best when I eat less wheat and sugar – in fact lately when I’ve been given a dessert, it’s usually too sweet, and I feel ill later. My blood sugar apperciates the more-intelligent diet, and it’s worth it in how I feel. But put a platter of fried chicken in front of me, and I happily indulge!
            Cabbage rolls.. ah, now that sounds wonderful as well!
            From Manta,

    • Ana, you sweet girlfriend you…I have lost a few pounds, feel good and I guess it shows on my face, plus put a fancy cocktail in front of me and I am all aglow ha ha

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  2. Que cool! We always enjoy your blog. It is nice to see expats enjoying life and celebrating the simple pleasures they come upon.

    • Hi Mike and Yadira, thanks for your sweet comment, this is the best time of our lives!!! We are truly blessed and we thank Him every day for all that He has given us. Have a great week, Nancy & Joe

    • Hi Joe, I am going to take a look at your post right now. Thanks for your comment BTW we lived in Salinas and General Villamil Playas we have never lived in Bahia. Nancy

  3. My apology, I meant Salinas. I had been looking at an ad for a condo in Bahia moments before I wrote you and just had a senior moment I guess.

    • Hi again Joe, we have moved several times while in Ecuador for this two years and I assumed you meant Salinas. No need to apology…Have a great day, Nancy

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