Week 5 – Wow What a Difference

Work has not been as furious this week, as the list of items to be finished has diminished exponentially (I just needed to use those two words together once in my life). Most of the work has surrounded the master bathroom where our maestro has painstakingly attached all the wall tiles, completed the shower floor with a different type of tile, finished the concrete work under our toilet and attached the floor tiles and yesterday put in the glass block that I only decided on yesterday morning at 9am.

Here they do not attach the toilet with bolts, they attach it with concrete and at 5pm he was outside on the driveway chipping away at the bottom of the toilet to remove the old concrete. Both Patricia and I were holding our breath thinking he was about to crack the porcelain and we would need to send Freddy off to Charapoto to get a new toilet, but he is the maestro and did an expert job.  Serrano has moved the one electric outlet and added another light above where a medicine cabinet will hang as the original light was centered in the original bathroom area and did not light up the extra space very well.  Take a look at our almost finished bathroom. What a great transformation.

The painters have worked hard this week, having a paint sprayer going almost non-stop, spraying the ceilings throughout the house. The ceilings inside the house had been painted before and required a great deal of cleaning and scraping as well as brushing with a wire brush to get off the flaking paint. Once that was completed using a sprayer made this job faster. The ceilings glow now and the porch looks 100% better with the wood beams painted instead of raw lumber.

Freddy has suggested that we attach an extra strip of roofing at the back of the house as an overhang to stop the rain from entering our bedroom windows and it will help with the early morning sun as well. He has purchased the extra wood and will be delivering the roofing early next week when the roofer maestro will do his thing!  I failed to mention that Freddy’s Mom has a ferretería making it possible to get items at any time and pay later. How great is that?

The wall painting will continue early next week with the concrete in the master being cured enough. Then the painter can start on the outside and the wall surrounding the house.

A few small things need to be completed like a new door frame around the guest bathroom door, a screen door for the porch, concrete work above the guest bedroom closet, connecting the drain for the kitchen sink and of course completing the bathroom but all in all it looks fabulous. Both Joe and I are very happy with our decision to do more of the demo work now. Spending a bit more money now will save us in the aggravation department later.

I have looked for cabinetry and shelving that will enhance the cottage or beach hut feel for the kitchen. Any suggestions especially with photos would be appreciated. I do not want to make any decisions until I have the appliances  and the work table in the kitchen and feel comfortable with their placement. This will probably tell me what would work best in the way of cabinetry…I do have a pretty clean slate now as you can see.

More next week.

9 thoughts on “Week 5 – Wow What a Difference

  1. It;s looking good. I would suggest, if it’s not too late, to have the plumber use a wax ring. I was not wise enough to watch out for that and eventually the toilets did leak at the bottom. Was rings are readily available (got ours in HyperMarket) but just not traditionally used here. Can’t wait to see the continued progress. Looks great.

    • Marilyn, He put the toilet in place this morning, if I had only know I would have gotten a wax ring and had him install it before he concreted it in place…lets hope the concrete job is a good one and we have no water leakage!!! N

  2. Looking good, wait until you install the appliances this way it will give you a good feel of how much cabinetry you will need, then go on line and check out HGTV kitchens for great ideas. Good job you guys!

    • Ana, Thanks for your comments, I have been getting HGTV’s email updates for some time now and actually have copied some of their photos for my “Wish List” for the house. They do have some really cute ideas and I am probably going to go with open shelves on at least one wall to give me that cottage or beach hut feel. Just love their stuff!!! I also follow The Cottage House on Facebook, some really weird but cute things there, take a look it is worth it, Nancy

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