Batman: Just No Fun Any More

Since moving into this rental we have had droppings, chattering and have seen the flight of the bats. They leave from their daytime home in our ceiling from a gap between the eves and the concrete wall. This happens right at dusk only to return hours later like drunken sailors back from port leave making so much noise that it wakes both Joe and I up. We finally had enough when the droppings in our bedroom became almost a cup each morning and several areas throughout the house required that I walk around the house with the broom and dust pan several times a day. I’m retired and sweeping up bat crap was not part of my retirement deal!  Patricia had Serrano come by after dark a few weeks ago to use concrete to block up the hole we saw them leaving from.

It has turned into a real life nightmare. The next night right after dusk the inside of our house became an aviary for bats.

First Joe used a broom to persuade them to leave through the open doors and windows. But after the 10th or so he realized they were just coming back into the house via another route so he just started to whack them. That night neither of us got any sleep, they found a way into and out of the house through our bedroom air conditioning unit or the gap between the walls and the roof. I could hear them shimmying down the curtains and scurrying behind the bed until they could take flight and return to the ceiling beams.

One more night like that and I am not sure what Joe and I will do, I really am at my wits end in knowing how to handle this situation.  The landlord came over and stuffed foam into all the gaps between the walls and the roof all around the house as best they could. Joe has killed at least 30 bats over the past week, mostly in our bedroom. It is truly sad to see them being killed because they do so much good against the mosquito population but this past week has been unbelievable. I laughed with the first set flying around the house, after chasing them with brooms, getting them to leave by the door, window or find a gap in the ceiling to get away only to return several hours later and start the process over again the next night we both decided that killing them was in our best interest. I am not sure what health issues bat guano can cause but to wake up each morning to piles of their droppings and cleaning the area several times during the day, both Joe and I were breathing in unhealthy stuff. Here’s an article I found on the net that talks about some of the dangers:

After one full week we have finally stopped having the bats enter the house each night and there is very little droppings in our bedroom but there still are droppings. We have decided to let it go because we will be moving out within the next week or so. We did get rid of most of them but like Patricia said they are rodents and reproduce like rodents do so the problem will increase.  The landlord showed up ready to literally raise the roof to get rid of them but we decided he can do that after we go. I have made special instructions to the painters that all gaps inside and outside of my house require that they fill them with concrete and finish with caulk before the final coat of paint is applied. Between the bats here in Clemente and the geckos in Playas I have seen enough of the local wildlife living in my houses for the time being. Joe wants to get the Bat Signal to shine on the ceiling at bedtime when he will yell out: “To the BatCave, Robin” (that would be me).

19 thoughts on “Batman: Just No Fun Any More

    • Thanks Joe, so do you think Joe looks like Batman ha ha. Again last night no bats and not much bat dung on the floor either…happy happy happy, joy joy joy~~~~~N & J

    • Z/Lisa, thanks for your comments, like I told my friend Joe in the earlier comment, last night again no bats in the house, ya ba da ba doo……N

      • Ah, that’s a great feeling! Some mornings after I’ve forgotten to sleep with the mosquito net, I approach the mirror with caution in hopes there are no signs of bites!

        Batproofing my house will be a difficult task, but in another month we’ll be making a few changes and hope to eliminate those problem areas.

        Enjoy your weekend!


        • Z, thanks for your comment, have a wonderful weekend. I hope to get Joe and go to the beach this morning for a few hours of sun, sand and glorious agua…blessings N

  1. Nancy,

    What an adventure! I’m not too squeemish but I would not like to have been in your shoes. You are right about the health risks. I do like watching bats eat mosquitos and am sorry you had to kill them but I understand your situation and would have done the same thing. When I was a kid we used to throw pebbles at them at dusk. Only ever hit one once with the crazy way they zip around. It just fell out of the sky and just before it hit the ground it flew off.

    • Tim, Joe was getting pretty good at being able to whack them with my mini shovel (I wanted a small shovel for the yard and bought a little cute one at Kiwi only to be told by Joe that it is a kids shovel but just the right size for me and what I need it for ha ha). To see Joe wield it around you would think he was a samurai or Luke Skywalker, he got darn good!!! Maybe too much practice…be well, N

  2. Oh Lord, I know it is not funny, but honestly I was reading the blog and had a visual of Joe and you chasing after the bats with the broom and I started to laugh so hard about wet my pants! Alright Robin get back to work.

    Love and Hugs!

    • Ana, I know what you mean, the first few in the house flying around were pretty funny, but after awhile that got very old. Joe did look a sight running around with my little shovel in one hand and the broom in the other chasing there erratic creatures. Thanks for your comment. N

  3. I am sorry but I am laughing out loud!!! Nancy, what a situation! I have visions of them getting tangled in my hair! I would never sleep if they were in my bedroom! Glad you have a sense of humor about it!!!

    • Oh Patricia, I slept with a wool cap and the sheet over my head. But Joe was the hero as he got them all out of the house within a few days. Never knew he was capable of that major league swing. Nancy

  4. You are officially my hero. Two years ago when they were knocking down the house next door we ended up with two mice that had lost their homes. I was able to corner one and broom him to death and our doggie got a hold of the other and played with it to death. I was ready to move then. I empathize with you and Joe. Takes a lot of guts to go to war with the bats. Glad to her that you have gained the advantage and even more glad that you will soon be in your own home sweet home.

    • Marilyn, thanks for your comment. We are getting very close to moving into our place, it is really coming along nice. kisses to you and Bob, N

    • Yusuf, Yes, we were aware of the bite issue with rabies so Joe became pretty vigilant in his removing them from the house, it has been about a week since he killed the last one. I made sure that the workers in the new house have sealed up any crack or spaces between the roof and the walls to be sure nothing can get into the house. Joe went around all the window and door frames last weekend both Saturday and again on Sunday to spray for insects. We will do it again before we move in to be sure we get rid of any creepy crawlies, then if we see geckos or any other critter we will move them out. I really hated finding lizard poop over my kitchen and bathroom counters when we were in Playas, I just was so turned off. Nancy

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  6. You know, it could be worse. I had a mountain lion set up house keeping in my pump house on one of my farms. I’m not going to swat it with a shovel thank you very much.
    She went on her way after I had gone out there to start irrigating with that pump.

    • Jim, I wish the bats got the hint like your mountain lion did…It has been peaceful for over a week, a few droppings but nothing like what we had. We are happy and sleeping a lot better, N

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