Internet in Clemente

Our first internet experience in Clemente was not so great.  We canceled our service over two weeks ago and did not get service back until  7/31 with the new provider. The initial hook-up was fast with the first provider requiring $140 cash up front for the set up which included paying for the router as well as the equipment attached to a huge bamboo pole they positioned in our yard. Service was paid in advance at the local co-op with $25 per month needing to be paid by the 10th of July for July service.

We had complained after only a few days of moderately good service saying the service was very slow. By the middle of the second week it was impossible for me to get on-line. Actually Joe thought I had gotten a virus in my computer because although his netbook was slow but still working, my computer could not get on line with 9 out of 10 attempts. He started working on my computer by restoring it to an earlier restore point, of course this deleted any updates, well you get the picture it just caused a great deal of work and I still was unable to get on line. The second week from Thursday through Sunday we suffered with nearly non-existent internet finally on Sunday we got in touch with the provider and he said they would be out Monday to check our equipment. Besides having very slow service and no customer service Joe started getting warnings from both Yahoo and Google telling him his internet provider was showing some unusual activity whatever that means and they would not allow him to open either of his accounts. Service got a little better after a call pm Sunday but still was not good, Monday we sat around waiting on the technician who was a no-show. Tuesday morning we told him to come to get his equipment. We had to pay for the router and were given a refund of $85. Total paid $165 ($140 initial installation plus July’s service of $25) refund $85 cost for lousy service for less than 20 days $80 but we do have a TP-Link Router 150Mbps model # TL-WR74ON if anyone is interested in making us an offer for it.

Our neighbor John has had good service with MD Mana Net and was kind enough to call and stop in to their office in Clemente on our behalf. After several attempts by him over a period of a week Joe and I finally stopped in on Tuesday afternoon of last week to find out what was happening. I spoke with Elio on the phone he has a basic understanding of English and we made an appointment for the next morning at 8am. About 2 hours later John showed up saying they were on their way. We were informed that they were waiting on a shipment of equipment and we should have service installed on Monday. They have two speeds 1k for $25 per month and 3k for $45 with a $33 installation fee. We are going to try the 3k to see how it works.

Our appointment time was set for 9am on Monday morning, by 10am I had followed up to have Elio say they would be there in one hour at 12:05 the crew showed up on a fish truck carrying a cane pole that I told them was not necessary because I already had a huge cane pole in my yard from the last internet provider. They informed me that they were going to lunch, at which I kind of laughed thinking they were making a great joke. Well it was not a joke they actually were only there to deliver the equipment and said they would be back at 5pm. I was not happy….again waiting all morning to find out…well you know where this is going. At a bit after 5pm they did show and of course nothing ever goes as planned, there were issues with the internet service, issues with the electricity to the pump house where they wanted to plug in the router. So they came back on Tuesday and finally we were installed, now for the bad news seems that my laptop is a bit too flashy for the current system in Clemente, so my computer does not work with the internet providers equipment…long story short I am using Joe’s Netbook to do all the updating of my blog, emails and it looks like switching to CNT will be to our advantage.

We hoped to have a better experience with this provider than the last and it seems to be exactly that. They returned again this morning with a new WiFi receiver and spent two hours working on installing that and then getting my internet working.

And it is working exceptionally well with excellent speed.  Elio said he would call me in about a week as they will be installing more updated equipment, maybe that means even better service. So I guess with patience happiness is possible.

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