Deliveries To Our Door

What a wonderful treat to have so many things delivered right to our door. First thing, I mean before 7am every morning, the Pan Man comes by on his bike to deliver hot fresh rolls.

These beauties are .10 cents each and still warm from the oven!

Next comes the many gentlemen delivering fresh veggies and fruits.

                                                                                         There is a man riding/pushing a trike and several others in small pickups that come through our neighborhood several days each week.  Today when he came by he had these melons called Melon Criolla for .50 cents each. They are sweet and delicious.

This morning this young man and his assistant had watermelon, melon, oranges, mandarina, red onion, potatoes, yucca, scallions, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes and a few more items that I can’t remember. He even had homemade butter, peanut butter and chopped peanuts along with fresh queso.

Now these were happy guys. I bought 2 lbs of tomatoes, one cucumber and three large avocados for $2.

Some of the trucks go by so fast that I do not have enough time to stop them to see what they are selling. As you can see these folks were already at the end of our street before I got this photo.

Next comes the water guy. He delivers the 5 gal containers of drinking water for $1 a bottle and he comes by every day except Sunday. He has a small tienda downtown, where he sells many food and household items.  Everyone loves to pose while getting their picture taken, even the guy working on the roof of our house was yelling at the water guy. What a lovely feeling. These folks are so kind to allow me to do this….

There is also a fellow who comes by on his motorbike each morning selling choclo (corn used in soups etc)

I like this corn but right now I am doing very little cooking as we have not purchased our refrigerator as yet and this house comes with an oven stove combo but no refrigerator…well eating out for a few weeks is like taking a vacation and Manabi has the best food ever. They make so many great dishes my favorite happens to be viche. This is a soup made with a peanut base…oh I could eat it every day….but that’s another post…….

This is what I bought today from the above guys. Strawberries called Frutilla were $1 per pound, three large golden passion fruit for $1, large pineapple for $1.50 and four apples for $1. Guess what we are having for dinner tonight?

It may take me two weeks to finalize this post as I have been gathering pictures as I see folks pass as well as trying to visit with each of these vendors to see what they are selling each time they pass. Yesterday, I bought the two pounds of strawberries. We had a great fruit salad last evening for dinner but I still had strawberries left over and we do not have a refrigerator so this morning do or die, one way or the other the berries needed to go!  I made jam and it is wonderful. A bit of water, one packet of Sweet n Low (because I have no idea where my sugar is in all these boxes) and the balance of the berries.

This morning, besides the regulars, a man on a motorbike with huge plastic jugs on the back delivered fresh milk. I have no refrigerator and not even a nice container to collect this milk but I still bought a quart for .50 cents. I have tried it and it tastes pretty creamy but can’t get Joe to take a taste. This would be great when making puddings and cream pies because it is so rich but just drinking it reminds me of when my Dad had cows and we had fresh milk direct from the cow…how good is that? Well I bought a pound of rice, a package of white sugar, Joe found my bag of raisins and my cinnamon so we had rice pudding, it was rich and creamy.

A guy selling fresh chicken drove by this morning allowing me to take a peek inside the basket attached to the back of his motorbike.  Can’t imagine why I would go into town to shop for anything if this is a typical weeks’ worth of vendors.

We have the big truck that delivers beer and soda. His delivery day seems to be Tuesday and his truck is so big that they need to have someone run along the rails of the truck to be sure that the wire connecting us to our internet is not pulled off the bamboo poll in our yard across the street. How the driver saw that itty bitty white line I will never know. There are several small trucks that deliver toilet paper, plastic items,  clothes hampers, some glassware, clothes pins like little general stores on wheels. Freddy (our Maestro) called it SuperMaxi Taxi!

A truck came by that picks up used items. It is not the garbage truck just a small truck. Today it had bed springs and some other metal items, I will ask Gina exactly what this is all about, what he charges or pays. Kind of a scrap metal guy?

Now the garbage truck that we were told comes on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays has shown up on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday so who really knows their schedule! But they pass right by my gate.

There is also a tienda located at the end of our street and this family has an array of items from laundry detergent to chocolate cookies for sale. And did I mention cold cerveza?

When I made the rice pudding this past week I shared some with my new friends in the tienda, the next time I went in to buy a few things, I left with 4 beautiful red peppers as a regalo. I just love these people!!!

And today Freddie came by with this huge papaya just look at it next to an apple, again this was a regalo…I have never gotten so many gifts in my life.

We will need to share this with the neighbors tomorrow because Joe and I cannot eat that much papaya in one day…

2 thoughts on “Deliveries To Our Door

  1. having that apple in the photo certainly shows the size of the papaya! i wondered why i missed many of your posts, and then i realized i was between shows – the portoviejo show was in the last week, and the bahia one was about to start!
    it’s nice to catch up!

    • Z, when you are busy you have to let things go…I find myself holding onto emails until I find the time to read some of them, you know Better Homes and Gardens, Food Network stuff like that and find myself with 100’s of emails that are unopened…I just need to delete them and move forward becuase I will never read everything…way too much information these days it makes your head spin… be well, N

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