Bats In Our Belfrey

Since moving into this rental house we have had seen bats flying out of the one outside post up near the roof line. It has been a battle to sweep up the mess that these critters make on the floors each night when they are leaving and returning to their daylight retreat. Yesterday while Joe and I were on the internet one swooped down from the ceiling and started flying around the room. It soon found a nice hiding place on the curtains at the front of the house and Joe quickly opened the screen and with a broom got him to leave.

Last night another did the same thing and Joe swiped him again with the broom but this time he went flying out the back door. Nature at it’s finest!!! But not IN the house please.

15 thoughts on “Bats In Our Belfrey

  1. I ‘liked’ this post, yet i don’t like bats very much. I once did – before awakening with a bite on my neck! Yes, it happens, not very often, and for some reason the bats like me. Three times in CR, once in Nicaragua and once here.

    Mary and John will assure you that I’m not an alarmist, and over a ten-year period, I’ve only known one other extranjero who has been bitten by bats. He too had type O blood – not sure if that’s the link or not!

    Some friends lovingly hand me a broom on full moon nights and say, ‘fly home on this, bruja blanca!’


    • Lisa, I can’t even imagine getting bitten by a bat, that sounds like a bad dream. But both times this little beasty came flying down I cowered like a baby while Joe was running around the house chasing it with the broom. I really needed to take a movie of Joe doing that cause it was really funny to watch. Have never heard about the blood type being an attraction. I am not sure how I would feel about being called a witch either. Some friends ja ja. Nancy

      • The endearment is used with total love, so it doesn’t bother me. (The CRica ticos sometimes call me “iguana blanca’ as well because I use fresh hibiscus almost daily for culinary use.)
        I’ve had my broom moments with the bats as well, so I can visualize perfectly the evening sitcom with Joe!
        I look forward to your daily stories from San Clemente!

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  3. Hi Nan and Joe, Hope all is good. Sorry i haven’t written. How’s you Mom? I found that if you get a bat in the house, I would throw an small afgan or towel in front of it and they usually get caught in it My friend bought a bat hotel and it works great.
    Take care Skip

    • Hi Skip, All is going well here, Mom is the same maybe a little bit better, more alert. I have never heard about the afghan but will have Joe try it the next time the critter starts to fly around the room. Kisses, N

  4. BATS… ugh.. they scare the bejayzus out of me.. the way their wings crinkle… oh youck. Hope you are succesful in clearing them out… and all that work on a rentall my my, I hope you have a long term agreement.. I know.. we did it too, but not walls! wow.. you are brave!

    • Hi Karen, just back on the internet after over 2 weeks with none. I will do a follow up post with photos on the bats, it was truly amazing…thanks for your comment, hope all is well with you. The rental is very short term until our home is ready for us to move in. Probably another two weeks…say a prayer pretty tired of being in someone elses place…especially because of the bats ja ja

    • Hi Laurie, We have these cute little mosquito rackets but the ceilings are pretty high and the bats fly very near the ceiling. I will post a video in the next few days. For the past two days we have been bat-free. Hope tonight is the same. Thanks for your comment. Nancy

    • Hola Lisa – no internet until today for over 2 weeks. trying to catch up, running like hell and getting nowhere ha ha, thanks for missing me, ha ha N

      • I really really have been missing you, though i knew if there was anything major wrong, mary and john would have told me! ah, the price of paradise often comes with the frustration of glitches in communications. glad you’re back online! z

        • Hi again, thanks — trying to move forward with posts and emails. Plus need to do some shopping for the house. busy busy busy for retired folks, N

    • Hola Lisa – no internet until today for over 2 weeks. trying to catch up, running like hell and getting nowhere ha ha, thanks for missing me, N

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