Walking the Beach

Today Joe and I went into town to have our lunch. We walked the beach which is so much more relaxing and beautiful rather than using the road. The fishermen were out in full force.

These guys got a real kick out of me wanting to take some pictures, everyone was posing with huge grins on their faces.  They are fishing for herring – the small silver fish which we were told are made into pet food, but shrimp and larger fish are caught as well and they are separating them out from what goes to the processing plant.

Oh – lunch was a big bowl of viche made with chunks of fish, carrots and plantains in a peanut broth. The segundo was filet of corvina, white rice, yellow lentils and a small salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and green pepper with a mighty glass of either fresh pineapple juice or naranjilla —- I am still stuffed…sorry no pictures too busy eating ; ) GRIN!!!

11 thoughts on “Walking the Beach

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  2. Hi Nancy,
    I have a new blog about extricating myself from the “First World” and hopefully landing in Ecuador by October. My readers are mostly people who have the same goal as me, which is to become YOU someday! Would you mind taking a moment answer this simple question for me, so that I can share it in a new post I have in mind? I will, of course, credit the answer (as well as those of a few other bloggers I admire) to you, as well as provide a link to your blog.

    Here is the “simple” question: “What is the one thing you’d miss most about Ecuador if you were forced to move back to the First World?”

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts on this!
    John Brighton

    • John, so after I stopped crying, I read your comment again and then re-read it out loud to Joe. Wiped my eyes and thought for the next several hours about your “simple” question… here goes. The question is not simple by any means, it only took me about 15 seconds to come up with a hundred different things I would miss if we left Ecuador but the short answer after some consideration and thought would be the lifestyle. The lifestyle is completely different than almost anything that we have experienced, I guess Joe said it best when he would have loved to have taken us and Jennifer, our daughter back to the 1950’s. The family life back in the 50’s was so much more simple than life today. And the lifestyle here is quite “retro” if you will, not nearly as much technology as the states, so much less stressful things to concern ourselves with, less government intrusion, less rules, less distractions and choices, less almost everything, in our minds less is actually more! So my one word answer would have to be lifestyle but that would encompass everything we have experienced and learned since moving to Ecuador. The people, the food, the weather, the fresh fish and seafood, the people oh! did I say that already, sorry, but everything revolves around the kindness of these beautiful people. Each day I find many new things to be thankful for, many new people who have show us some form of kindness and just the wonder of being in a small town with so many advantages. That is how we see living here it is an advantage, knowing your neighbors, watching their children go to school each morning, hearing peoples lives go on around you and actually be a part of their lives. It has been a total blessing.

  3. Nancy, thanks so much for taking the time to provide a great answer. I know my relatively few readers will be as inspired by it as I am. Congratulations on finding such obvious peace and happiness down there. We all hope to join you in that sooner than later!

  4. Hi Nancy,

    We have been to Olon today and had a relaxing day on the beach eating fresh fish and drinking Pilsner. It was so beautiful and relaxing. I am loving it, but Jim is having trouble with lack of stimulation. If we had another week he would be a convert I am sure. It is a very nice lifestyle. We have been to Montaneta (amazing place why out here) and Manglaralto where we are staying at a fabulous place on the beach. Leaving for Guayaquil and then Cuenca. I will miss this beautiful place, but will be sustained during February in New England dreaming of our return. Good luck with renovations.


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