The Work Continues….

The renovation project on our newly purchased house did not get underway until Monday of this past week. Looking at the photos this morning was surprising and rewarding because so much has already been accomplished. Removal of two walls, the one between the two kitchens has opened up that entire space for a kitchen, dining area and salon. The second wall between two of the bedrooms will make for a larger master.  They have also removed two doors and have already started on replacing all the electrical wiring. And so many more things were started and completed in one week!

I love that they are actually making a track in the walls for all the electrical wiring, I really expected to see those plastic covers running up and down all the walls and across the ceilings but the electrician is using a saw to score the walls and then a hand chisel to make a neat track where he has run the wiring inside plastic tubing. Then he is concreting this over to make a smooth surface.

See our new electric plugs….yeah! The rooms in these older houses have only one plug in each room, I requested three in each room and one in each of the bathrooms, Currently we do not own enough electric things to use half of what I am having them install but this will allow us not to have extension cords for anything. Patricia has insisted that we buy stabilizers as the electricity here is not an even flow and will burn out your electronics unless used. We purchased two larger units and a smaller one for just over $150.  They are also installing a 220 line to a future air conditioner in the master.

They have put our new electric panel on the wall in our kitchen where the one door was removed. I will also have outlets and lights on the porch, where I eventually will get a washer installed and even in the bathrooms where there were none!!!

They have even built a pressure tank closet, using the old door taken from the front of the house. This replaces the water tower that was removed earlier in the week.

The blessings continue to flow for Joe and I. We have owned many properties in our life, but this one is probably the most special because we have worked so hard to make the dream of owning a home a reality…thanks to all the workers, Patricia, Freddy, Serano, David and the rest of their crew…we could never have done any of this without their hard work.


7 thoughts on “The Work Continues….

  1. Hi, Nancy,
    Great progress for only one week ? It is very exciting to watch peoples dreams become reality. Good luck on the entire renovation.
    Keith & Becky

    • Hi Keith & Becky, I am amazed at how much has been accomplished in such a short time, keep your fingers crossed that they continue working at this pace, Joe and I will be in the house soon if they keep this up! N

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  3. It would take many weeks in the States to accomplish so much work. Are you guys going to paint etc. when the big work is done? I assume a pressure tank holds water but do you have a well or delivered water?

    • Hi Tom, Joe and I though we may want to paint ourselves, but I just asked Patrica for a quote for inside and outside painting because the inside walls where new concrete has been added will need to cure for a few weeks, then be sanded, then a primer and the paint…seems to be beyond what Joe and I are interested in doing…Let’s see what she comes up with and if we can afford to have it done right now…I am trying hard to keep to a budget!!! We have a cistern where municipal water is added, when you turn on the water the pressure tank sucks it out of the cistern and it comes into the house. The municipal water is turned on several times a week and Patricia is going to add a float to our cistern so that when it needs water it will automatically add it…I have no idea about any of this but we are learning as we go along..Nancy

    • Hi Mike, nice to hear from you. All we want is a simple life, God has given us so much we feel so blessed for all the great people we have met here…their kindness, their expertise and especially their friendship have made our transition so easy! Nancy & Joe

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