Afternoon of Fresh Seafood and Friends

Patricia called me after they had finished work on the house yesterday and said “come to downtown tomorrow afternoon at 2pm and come hungry”. This sounded like a wonderful treat and we were up for it. Then around 10am this morning I get a call from my friend from Salinas Amy Prisco saying that she and her Mom were traveling down the coast and wanted to stop in and just say hi. Most days we are sitting around looking for company or something to do, today we had two events that overlapped…How great was that?

Amy and Judy Prisco got to San Clemente just at 1pm, I felt so bad having to rush their visit but we had already confirmed for 2pm with Patricia, so we only got to spend an hour with these lovely women. I hope that they are able to come back up to visit especially because Judy will be in Ecuador for the entire month of July.

We rushed downtown to find  Patrica, Freddy, Mary and John McDonald and several other folks we did not yet know – Bethany and Larry, Gato and a few more. The table was set up with fresh cooked lobster, crab claws and ceviche mixto that Freddy cooked. Shortly after a bowl of fresh garlic shrimp was passed around and several minutes later fried seabass…what a feast. We washed it all down with some beautiful red wines. Nothing like feeling like kings and queens.

What a wonderful day, tomorrow maybe we will just go sit at the beach, who knows we are such busy folks these days.

We walked home on the road instead of trying to walk the beach but I could not resist taking this picture over the boat houses on the beach by our casa. Have a wonderful evening!


3 thoughts on “Afternoon of Fresh Seafood and Friends

  1. It all sounds wonderful.If Amy passes through on her back to Salinas, then please give her a big hug for me. I love her to peices. I couldn’t have made it with out her while in Salinas. Maryanne.

    • Hi Maryanne, I will pass your comment on to her, I hope that she will be able to come back up maybe for a few days. I would have preferred to have spent the entire afternoon with her and her mom. Nancy

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