Removing the Water Tank

Today I looked out of the window to see, well take a look yourself

The water tank looked like it was ready to fall down on your head at any minute it was a washed out red with cracks running in every direction, chunks were missing and it was leaking water.  It took this young man most of the morning to chip away at it with a hammer and some type of electric saw and then they pulled down the pillar. This afternoon it was almost totally gone including the debris which was dumped off our property. The pump housing was also demolished and the cistern looks pretty clean.

I have not asked Patricia what will replace this equipment but know that she will find what is necessary to make our home better than before.

Maybe later on next week I will get some guys to come in with machetes to work on chopping down the dead wood on the trees in our yard. Right now it is protecting my plants but maybe by next week more of the work will go indoors with the plumbing and electric replacement and I can get some needed time in my yard. Can’t wait to start some weeding and then planting…


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