We are now property owners in Ecuador

Just hear from our attorney the deed has been signed and we are now property owners in San Clemente, Manabi, Ecuador.  Now all the fun starts!!

38 thoughts on “We are now property owners in Ecuador

  1. I’m so glad to hear this and I hope that all of your dreams and hopes are fulfilled.
    I’m looking forward to seeing you two one day in the not so near future.
    Maryanne and I will be at least visiting again when we are both physically fit again.

  2. Congrats on your new home in San Clemente. Will be in Ecuador during the whole month of August, mostly on the coast looking for a place to retire to. Would love to be able to meet you and chat with you about your experiences. But I know you will be busy with your new home. If you are willing for us to get together while I’m there, please let me know and how I can contact you upon arrival in Ecuador.

    • Libbyu, Thanks for your good wishes, contact me near the end of July lets see how far we have come with our rehab and we will be sure to set aside some time for your visit. Nancy & Joe

      • Thanks for your response. I will be arriving in Quito July 30th and will be going on to Guayaquil for a few days and then moving on to the coast to follow it northward. I will check back with you before I leave the states and see how far you have progressed. I appreciate your willingness to meet with me – Hope it works out – Good luck on your renovations.

  3. Congratulations from a long time reader and first time poster. Your blog is the only one I read about Ecuador on a regular basis. I always look forward to your posts. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and experiences.

    • Kurt thanks for taking the time to comment, I appreciate that you are enjoying our adventure. I will be back blogging as soon as we have internet at the new place. Thanks again, Nancy

    • Vicki, thanks so much for your kind words, we are in the demolition faze at the moment and living in a rental across the street from our home…FUN, FUN, FUN….

  4. Hi Nancy, I could not be happier for you. I have never been up that way and don’t actually know where San Clemente is. The house looks adorable and it will be pride and joy as you put your hard work and love into the project. When do you plan making the move?

    • Hi Marilyn & Bob, We moved into our little Beach Hut on Saturday and out of it on Sunday to a rental across the street..It is sure to be better living here away from the dust, dirt and noise…I will go over this evening when the guys are gone to take some photos, it really looks a sight!!! Nancy

  5. Hi Nancy!
    I had just read a very good article with even better comments about “being busy” and then, magically, I thought about you.
    I thought you might enjoy this article as much as I did (especially the comments) so here is the link to the NY Times:
    I opened your blog, and what do I find, you have bought a house!! I am so happy for you both!! Hopefully it will turn out to be everything you hoped it would be!
    Since I haven’t read your blog entries these last few months, I’ll have to do some catch-up reading now.
    Just one quick question: Why did you decide to buy instead of rent?
    Greg in OC, California

    • Hi Greg, thanks for your good wishes, I will read the article as soon as I get caught up on all my emails and comment on the blog…I should have some demolition pictures in the next day or so…Nancy

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  7. My mouth was watering reading about you finding Stone Crab claws in Ecuador. Do you remember which Mercado you found them and are they pre-cooked like we are used to in Florida

    • Hi Malcom, I found the uncooked claws in the mercado in Playas they are called Pangora. Many of the restaurants serve the entire pangora on top of a bowl of Cazuela. The uncooked claws are very easy to cook, drop them in a steamer with boiling water, boil for a very few minutes depending upon the size, strain and cool immediately under cold water.. I make Joe’s Stone Crab Claw Sauce…hope I put that recipe in my article if not send me another note and I will find the recipe for you….just yummy and so inexpensive. Hope I can find them in San Clemente! Nancy

  8. Nancy,
    Since finding your blog a couple of days ago, I have been reading all your posts (skimming a few…because I am not going to cook! lol). Why did you decide not to buy in the Salinas area? If you mentioned it in one of your posts, I missed it. After reading the posts about Playas, I see why staying there was not so attractive (and it helped me to rule that area out). Was there something I missed regarding Salinas?


    • Hey David, We could not afford anything in Salinas, our budget was very small and things in Salinas had already gotten about our dollar limit. That is why we moved down to Playas, Playas had the same issues, folks thinking their properties were worth more than we felt they were….that is when we made the trip up the coast to see what things were going for up here. blessings and great joy as we found things that were in our price range…Nancy

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