Beach Hut Sweet Beach Hut!

I needed to share some good news with all of you – my extended family and friends who read our blog. We have been looking for our own little “Beach Hut” for some time now and we finally found it. On our last trip up the coast we were also house hunting along with enjoying a much-needed vacation from our permanent vacation. ja ja

We found a small home that is on the same block as the beach in San Clemente out by the bluff. It needs some TLC but we feel that we are up to the challenge and have already lined up someone to help us with the heavy work. We are scheduled for a closing on Friday and moving on Saturday. This will mean that I will not be posting often until I get everything set. We need to cancel things here in Playas and then set up internet, electric, water – well you know I will be running around like a mad women for many days…but I promise that I will keep track and give you the blow-by-blow information on what the closing process was like and what it takes to get this house set up.

Please keep your fingers crossed, get out the Rosary if you are so inclined or say a small prayer that all goes well and we get our little home.

This photo was taken standing on the porch looking out on our little yard. It has six or seven different varieties of fruit trees including limon (lime), cherry (cereza) and even a pomegranate (granada). I have a lot of trimming to do as these trees have been ignored for a very long time. We will need to do a lot of work on the house as well but its all part of the package – we wanted a small place and we have a small budget.This is how we make it work.

We like the big porch, with a nice yard overlooking the fruit trees and just a few steps to the beach. We are so blessed!

21 thoughts on “Beach Hut Sweet Beach Hut!

  1. Congrats to both of you. Nice to see the pics. We will wait to hear more. Wish you good luck with move and set up the new place. Sue & Kris

  2. Dear Nancy and Joe: Congratulations! Home sweet home. You are bringing love and appreciation to your new place. It will be the better to have you live there and will blossom under your touch. The beach, the neglected fruit trees, and the sweet little home. It will be warm and filled with your loving energy. Be sure to take lots of photos of the before and after. This home has been waiting for you. I am so happy for you. Blessings, Patricia

    • Hi Patricia, we are almost ready, I am packing the pots and pans so we will be eating out for the balance of this week, yeah no dishes!!! I have already started my post on the purchase process here and will make sure my camera is at the ready…Nancy

    • Hi neighbors, we should see you late afternoon on Saturday. We are praying for an uneventful trip for us and the truck…Nancy & Joe

  3. Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! I am so happy for both of you, I will continue to pray that everything goes well, Nancy knowing you it will be the perfect beach “hut”
    in no time, can’t wait to see the finish products…so get going alright.

  4. Hi Nancy,
    Congrats on your find and hope you do not have too many headaches with the closing process. I know you will enjoy refurbishing the place to your liking even though it is hard work. Leon

    • Leon, we used an attorney that many folks recommended so the process really has been painless. A few hitches here and their but nothing that she could not handle. We have also found someone who can act as the project manager for the first bit of changes. I will keep you all posted on our progress. Thank for you kind words we are really getting excited now!!! Nancy

  5. Congrats!

    I’m excited for you. I ‘m looking forward to your blow-by-blow account of the closing and renovations especially the before and after pictures. Don’t stress out yourself because of this project but rather enjoy it. If it’s habitable, just do what you can do for the day and avoid rushing it. That’s how I approached every project I had undertaken in the past.

    • Rolie, you are so sweet, thanks for the good wishes. I like your idea about moving in, making it livable for the moment and then starting the projects…It comes with a bit of furniture some beds, several tables and some chairs…we have been living in furnished places for the past two years so our total furniture consists of a mattress, 2 chairs, one folding table, one wood table, a TV, our computers, two fans and the rest is kitchen, bathroom, clothes and personal items…we are a “lean moving machine”. The biggest part of the truck will be taken up with my plants which number over 40 right now….Nancy

    • Lisa, we were not sure if we would be able to move by the end of the month…a small hitch with the deed but it looks to be taken care of…well it better be because I transferred the money this morning…see you soon, Nancy

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  7. So very happy for you, you are living the dream and following your hearts. I do enjoys your blogs so much. Enjoy your new home!

  8. Hi Nancy,
    I just found your blog and my wife and I are very excited for you and your husband. We are planning on making the move to Ecuador as soon as we can, maybe five years. Anyway we will be reading if that is ok? Hope to gain some insight from you’re experience. Many blessings and wishes of peace & joy.
    Grant & Denell

    • Grant & Denell, thanks for your comments we do feel very blessed each day for all the good things in our lives. Hope you enjoy our blog and we will continue to post pictures of everyday life here in San Clemente, Manabi, Ecuador. N & J

  9. Just came across this site. Congrats on your home! Where are you from and what made you choose Ecuador? My husband and I are thinking about moving and Ecuador is one of the places we are thinking about. We presently live in Pennsylvania USA. Michele

    • Michele, Good Morning. I was born in NE Pennsylvania, where in PA do you live? We moved from the US over 6 years ago, to Dolega, Panama. Stayed there for 3 1/2 years and then moved to Ecuador because we wanted to be near a beach. We did a great deal of research on Panama before we moved and then because we wanted to be near the water Joe researched Ecuador for over a year before that move. We have found our home, hometown and are happy here. When will you be making a trip to visit EC? Have to looked at other countries for your retirement or only EC? You can write me at if you would prefer. Nancy

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