Dog Patrol

One day last week Joe and I took the chairs and our lunch and headed to the beach. Here in Playas even though we are only one block from the malecon the walk takes us almost 10 minutes. This is the widest beach I have seen since living in South Florida and having to walk from the street side parking in Fort Lauderdale down to the water.

I am standing on the crest of the sand to take this picture facing back to the malecon. To get to the water at low tide you walk probably the length of a football field or two to have your toes in the water.  Really wide beach.

While enjoying our quiet time on the sand a group of men walking dogs on leads passed by several times. Not sure what this was but it was organized and could have been police with their K9 dogs for all I know.

I have never seen police in Playas with dogs, while in Salinas we saw a demonstration of the dog handlers from the Police department. That is the photo below.

5 thoughts on “Dog Patrol

  1. I’ll bet they were K9 dogs; Ecuadorians don’t usually leash their dogs! The beach looks wonderful.

    • Hi Patricia, yes, finally all the garbage from the river that runs from Guayaquil has stopped floating onto the beach. It has been such a mess with trees, branches, mangrove vegetation and a bunch of personal garbage has been floating around in the water and lands on the beach at high tide. For the past week it has been very nice. Thanks for your comments! Nancy

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  3. Hi Nancy, I really liked last few days write ups. Is it a yearly dog thing in Salinas? What was the time frame? Thanks

    • Hi Sue, I looked at the photo and it is dated December 21st, 2010. Hope this helps, I miss Salinas because of all the parades that happened right on the malecon. Almost every week there would be something passing by our building that was fun or different. Thanks for reading, Nancy

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