Visiting Puerto Engabao

Yesterday was a great day to take a bus trip over to Puerto Engabao. This is the hot surf beach for around Playas. The bus is caught across the street from Bank of Guayaquil and it is a short 25-30 minute trip to the small town of Engabao for .50 cents or onto Puerto (port) Engabao for an extra .25 cents. The drive through Engabao was fascinating as the streets are filled with pigs: big pigs, little pigs, pink pigs and dark pigs. It was amazing to see that many pigs just wandering around the streets. Not a town I would feel comfortable living in.

We made it to the port and the beach is just breathtaking. My friend Nancy recently completed a program where a foundation supplied materials, training and assistance for any family interested in opening a Surf Casa in their homes. The Surf Casa program is where a family sets aside an area in their home for rent to the many surfers that visit the area. The program gave the supplies necessary to refurbish the room with tile floors, beds and mattresses, a TV and a complete bathroom.   In my opinion it was a great success with 18 families participating. The town now has rooms to rent at $10 per night for the surfers that visit. In the past these visitors would end up coming back to Playas to spend the night. This way the local community gets some needed revenue from the visitors that use their beaches and surf their waters.  Nancy stopped to visit with one mamacita who participated in the program. Below is her beautiful Surf Casa.

I must admit I forgot to take my camera so these photos are from Nancy’s and she loves to have a person in the shot.

These guys were shucking oysters on this part of the beach. Nancy had one of her many friends get a few for us to try. I am not a fan of the huge oysters (ostra) found at most of the restaurants here but these were the regular oysters that I enjoy steamed and they were excellent. After Nancy added juice from two limons and a bit of salt, I added a small amount of hot sauce and we were ready to dig in.  These were beyond fresh, I honestly think they were still moving!  Joe was so proud of me as I have never eaten raw oysters before. Excellent!

The beach is deserted with very few houses or structures of any kind. It was noticeably cooler than Playas with a very stiff breeze off the water as you can see from most of these photos.

This area is exceptionally beautiful, unpopulated and pristine. I did not notice the plastic that you find all over the Playas beaches, no bags, bottle caps or plastic containers from food. I hate to see such beauty desecrated with garbage. It was a very enjoyable trip and I have only Nancy to thank for bringing me along for this visit!

This is the church located as you come into town. Made of bamboo mind you!


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