El Secreto de la Abuelita

I have told you of our issues with the bugs since we have gotten all the rain. Well after we returned from our trip up the coast we discovered our home had been invaded by two different type of ants. First the tiniest itty bitty erratic ants you could hardly see them took over our kitchen counter and the kitchen table. We found them walking on the walls in the bathroom and even on the porch.  The second was a much larger much faster light brown to red colored ant. It has been spotted again on the kitchen counter and running across the floors.  Folks here have told me to follow them to their nest outside of the house. This is not working, I cannot find where they are coming into the house so to follow them to their nest has been impossible. There seems to be several different groups going in several different directions. I went to the Agripac store and purchased some heavy-duty insecticide Clorpilaq 480 ec, this requires a mask, gloves and long sleeve shirt and long pants to spray it. It is sitting securely enclosed in two plastic bags as I treat it like it is radioactive materials right now. I am totally afraid of it!

This brings me to something I found at Super Tia several months ago and just put it under my sink. It is called El Secreto de la Abuelita.

It is a paste made of boric acid that according to its label will get rid of cockroaches in the home. Well at this point I was desperate so I put this paste, similar in consistency to tooth paste, around the counter in some of the strategic areas that I have seen the ants. I took lids from plastic containers and added a good glob plus a spoonful of white sugar just to be sure they would go for it. I did this last week. This morning I made my coffee free of ants…that does not mean that later on this morning I will not spot them but if in some small way El Secreto de la Abuelita has taken care of some my ant issues I will be forever grateful to this product.

Just needed to share!

17 thoughts on “El Secreto de la Abuelita

    • Barry, I am sure they are not interested in my coffee but they sure love to run around my counters looking for something good. I guess I should change my dish detergent maybe that is what they are attracted to…wonder if a change would make a difference??? Thanks for reading, Nancy

  1. You do have the right to be afraid of heavy duty insecticides here in Ecuador..after John’s near death experience from chemical poisoning, we stay away from the “strong” stuff. We’ve used Torvi here in our home for the ants. I just sprayed it into the crack/crevice where I saw the ants coming and going. Semmed to do the job. Our lastest insect/ bug “invasion” has been the crickets. We use raid as a barrior spray but they still find a way into the house. After one bad night ..there seemed to be a swarm all around San Clemente.. we swept up approx. 100 dead crickets in our downstairs area. Thank goodness they didn’t come anywhere near our bedroom. That lasted only a couple of days, so for now, we are bug / insect free.

    Mary and John

    • Hi Friends, Yes, both Joe and I are much more cautious with pesticides since we met you and heard about John’s experiences. It has made us so much more aware and we thank you for that. We have not seen anywhere near as many crickets but they are only being pesky in the evening when the lights are on. So we have stopped using the overhead lights and they have seemed to really slow down. I am not good about killing things but the crickets, ants, slugs, lizards and now the toads have turned me into a “coldhearted killer”. I do have my limits and it has been reached this year, here in Playas! Thanks for your comments. Nancy

    • Hey Yusuf, the number has really decreased over this week. I hope to be ant free by next week, Yahoo!!! Nancy

  2. Hi Nancy, sorry to hear about your ants problem. I have a similar situation in Salinas, but a major issue with termites. They are eating all my doors and frames. I am trying to find if there is a termite service like the ones we have in the US where they drill holes around the property and pump in the insecticides to kill the colony. Do you know if this exists in the Saloinas area? Thanks. Leon

    • Hi Leon, We also had termites in the condo in Salinas. My understanding of the treatment is to paint this insecticide on all the wood — doors, frames, furniture once a year. It stinks and is probably really bad for you so please be careful. Nether Joe or I remember the name but if you ask anyone about the insecticide for medura (wood) they will know what you are talking about. Many of the guardians of the condo buildings will do things like that for you on their day off. It should not be very expensive maybe $20 for labor, you would need to either give them the money to buy the supplies or buy them yourself. I do not remember hearing of anyone using a company. Nancy

  3. Another very informative blog. Hopefully, I don’t have to deal with this being in a high rise condo (moving in once the construction is done). Thanks for sharing.

    • Rolie, we lived on the 10th floor of the condo in Salinas and we had ants. Most of our building was empty except for holidays and they always seemed to find our apartment to roam through on their way somewhere else. They never hung around long, I did not have them inside the cupboards etc but they would walk on the walls every once in a while…I did not disturb them and they left us alone. Here they are making pests of themselves ja ja Have a great day! Nancy

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  5. My wife and I are Floridians, as you used to be, and as you know we tend to have serious ant problems in Florida as well. The only effective solution I have ever found for ants is to put out bait (that they mistake for food), that is in fact a slow acting poison, that they take back to the nest for the queen. The queen eats the poison food and dies, and that is it for the nest. Obviously this solution takes a few days to come to fruition, but it has worked every time for us. As counter-intuitive as it seems, you don’t want to kill any of the ants you actually see, because you want as many of them as possible to be carrying back the poisoned food to the nest.

  6. Artificial sweetener like aspartame, sweet & low, etc left out as piles for them to find will kill them. Which should give you pause next time you reach for that diet coke!

    • Hey Bodywork, I have never heard of that one but I could believe it is true. Thanks for your comment, when I run out of Abuelita I will pull out that little yellow packet and try it. Nancy

  7. Hi Nancy,
    I live in Chiang Mai, Thailand and I have the same problem with those little ants. They are so small that one can barely see them but, they are very, very fast. Here’s a pest problem that you guys may not see but is quite common here in Thailand. I’m talking about Geckos. They are about the size of small garden lizards but, boy can they make a racket inside your home. I live on the fourth floor of an eightstory condo and they find their way quite easily into my condo. Also, I have been following your blogs for some time now and I enjoy them very much.


    • Hi Lionel, First I would love to hear more about Thailand so you really need to email me with your experiences. I would love to know more about the culture, food and of course the people.

      As to the ants, they seem to have slowed down a bit, between the boric acid paste and another suggestion from one of my readers to put down aspartame used in Sweet n Low they really have been cut to around 10% of what we had. I even walked around the yard and sprinkled it around little ant holes..Don’t get me started on the geckos, we have tried to get them to move out of the house, I bought Joe one of those big water blasting squirt guns (we are a carnival town so I was able to find a nice big one). We filled it with white vinegar and Joe blasted them anytime he saw them walking near the ceiling. It moved them outside for a time but then we took our two weeks up the coast and they came back with a vengeance…the “barking” sound they make at night is awful especially if several start up together but the little poops all over is just disgusting…I cannot even make a pot of coffee in the morning without cleaning the counter and disinfecting it. Like I said DON’T get me started… thanks for your comments please email me, I truly would love to hear about your adventures! Nancy

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