Mary and John MacDonald

While visiting San Clemente this past week we met a very special couple. Mary and John MacDonald moved to San Clemente back in November 2011. They have found the pueblo, its people and the area most enjoyable and were kind enough to show us around while we were there.

Their interests include their patio garden, riding their bikes, enjoying the water and just having a great time with their new friends in Clemente. We hope to be seeing much more of them in the near future.


4 thoughts on “Mary and John MacDonald

  1. well YES i liked this post! Mary and John are great people! If all extranjeros had their positive attitude and enthusiasm, there would be no more grumbling on the expat forums! they are walking ambassadors for ‘expatriates,’ and i am proud to call them my friends!!

    can’t wait to meet you as well!


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